Keanu Reeves says The Matrix’s resurrection is the ‘inverse’ of the original story, and now I’m excited for Trinity

As far as science-fiction franchises go, there are few quite fertile. In form of as Lana Wachowski matrix Movies. Generations of fans were thrilled to learn that the property is returning to theaters with a new sequel resurrection, including some original cast member, And after Keanu Reeves says the new film is the “reverse” of the original story, I’m very excited for Carrie-Anne Moss’s Trinity.

Despite the apparent death of their characters in matrix revolutionKeanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss will both reprise their roles resurrection, it is not clear how mystery story Will play, but recent comments about Reeves’ project have me wondering if Trinity could be “The One” this time around. As soon as he put it on,

I mean, I would pitch that Resurrection is a kind of dynamic reversal of the trilogy. […] Where in the trilogy Trinity is trying to support and wake up Thomas Anderson, now Thomas Anderson is in that position and role for Trinity. And where it’s due… I don’t want to give too much. But the relationship is different. It’s the reverse. Yes. Or maybe vice versa? Opposite? I do not know.

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