Keanu Reeves Had to Learn a Brand New Skill for John Wick 4’s Opening Scene, and I Can’t Wait

Who says you can’t teach the old (or immortal) dog new trick? Keanu Reeves is known for his intense action franchise, and even does a huge amount of his own stunts, Later Over 25 Years in Action Games, you would think he would know a lot that is to be known, but it is not quite accurate. math question The franchise star had to learn a whole new skill for John Wick 4, and I honestly can’t wait to see the results on screen in the movie.

Obviously we can expect something different from this John Wick 4, at least for a scene or two. In an interview for its cover issue with Sir, Keanu Reeves reveals that we’ll be able to see how skilled he is at riding a horse as his character will be on top of a horse in the desert, and during the preparation for the film it was his hope that he would be able to achieve something speed on the horse. what is here Speed The star says of course:

John Wick 4 has a sequence—hopefully, knock on wood, the opening sequence. John Wick is back in the desert on a horse. I hope to be able to gallop and run faster.

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