Justice League’s return is more important than his death

DC officially kills off the entire Justice League, including Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Which is why comic fans aren’t buying it for a second.

WARNING: Contains spoilers for Justice League #75!

DC Comics has officially killed off the whole Justice League In the company’s boldest move to date – but comic book fans haven’t been fooled in the slightest. In the world of DC Comics (and Marvel), death is more of an extended holiday than a definite end; Almost every single death (not tied to a character’s origin story) in both universes has failed to stick, And most deaths don’t matter anymore, But DC’s way of killing the Justice League in this case Justice League #75 His hand is held, and fans know who is returning from the dead and when.

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in Justice League #75The entire team is called from various locations on Earth (and space) to the House of Heroes, the headquarters of the Justice League incarnation. President Superman addresses the assembled heroes: The Multiverse is in grave danger, threatened by a force called the Great Darkness. The Great Darkness is powerful enough to enslave many villains, even Darkseid, and will destroy entire existence if it is not stopped. Traveling through a ruined multiverse, the Justice League meets Pariah – an immaculate man who has lost his entire universe to the Great Darkness.

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Pariah insists that the Great Darkness only seeks peace, and that for the Multiverse to regenerate, the DC Universe must die. A massive battle follows in which Justice League and Justice League Avatar fight Pariah, the Great Darkness and many villains enslave it. The league put up a great struggle, but still With last minute backup from Green Lantern, it’s all for nothing; The Dark Army of the Great Darkness murders the Green Arrow and the rest of the League soon follows. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are all killed (on the same panel, no less), and the entire Justice League — except Black Adam, who transports to safety — is dead by the end of the issue).

There are a number of ways in which this issue suggests that Justice League will return. The amount of time a hero remains dead is often proportional to the drama associated with their death – and the entire team is killed in seconds. They were also all killed at the same time; If heroes are killed in groups, they are more likely to return. Finally, DC’s decision shows Justice League will die before this The publication of this issue reveals the real reason for the team’s death: propaganda.

Announcing the death of a superhero is nothing new; famous death of superman The title quickly revealed the fate of the character. the difference between that story and death of justice league was simple: back then, No one really believed DC would kill the Man of Steel at the end of the story and leave He died for a year. with him death of justice leagueThe Justice League are certain to return – perhaps within six months or less – and their own story reflects their inevitable resurrection.

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