Jurassic Park stars Laura Dern and Sam Neill open up about Hollywood standards and that huge romantic age gap (good thing they break up by the third movie)

Cinema has introduced audiences to many memorable pairings over the years, and Jurassic ParkAlan Grant and Ellie Sattler are definitely one of them. The two scientists (and lovers) were a fun pairing, far more similar to each other on an intellectual level. He also proved to be some unlikely hero during the dangerous events of 1993 epic dinosaur movie, Of course, one thing that viewers know most is the significant age difference between the actors who play them, Sam Neill and Laura Dern. And years later, the two are being honest about that gap and Hollywood standards. (All things considered, it’s probably best that the two characters split from the third film.)

The age difference between dominant men and women has been discussed for some time, although the conversation has really picked up pace in the past decade. The interesting thing is that many viewers don’t even think about it once when they are working in a movie or a TV show. The same can be true at times for the stars themselves, believe it or not. while reflecting Jurassic ParkSam Neill explained that the 20-year difference between him and Laura Dern didn’t really affect him until a write-up caught his eye:

I’m 20 years older than Laura! Which was a completely appropriate age difference for a major male and female at the time! It didn’t occur to me until I opened a magazine and had an article called ‘Old Geysers and Gals’.

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