Jungle Cruise 2 news and updates: Everything we know

With Jungle Cruise’s star power and story setup, a sequel to the film is officially on the horizon. Know everything about Jungle Cruise 2 here

Warning! This post contains spoilers Jungle Cruise.

With the success of the first installment, what fans can expect from the story and the cast Jungle Cruise 2, and when might its release date be? Starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Emily Blunt, Jungle Cruise Arrives in theaters and Disney+ Premieres Access in July 2021 after a one-year delay due to the pandemic. The film, which is based on a Disney theme park ride, may have just wrapped up its main story, but the film has already proved popular and successful, warranting another trip around the bend of the river.

Established in 1916, Jungle Cruise Follows Dr. Lily Houghton (Blunt), who travels from England to Brazil in search of the mythical tree of life whose petals have the ability to heal. To take her on this journey, she recruits Frank Wolfe (Johnson), a boat tour guide who lives on the Amazon and whose past is shrouded in mystery. adventure movie like this same vein as Mother And Pirates of the Caribbean, another Disney film based on a theme park ride.

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Jungle Cruise A pretty self-contained story, but a sequel was never off the table and there were early talks to return for another installment before the film was released (and it’s always on the horizon for any new releases on the horizon). It happens). And given the star power of Blunt and Johnson, it’s no surprise that Jungle Cruise 2 moving forward. NSHere’s everything to know about the sequel, who will return, and what to expect in terms of story.

Jungle Cruise 2 is confirmed

Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt and Jack Whitehall in Jungle Cruise

a sequel to Jungle Cruise It was officially greenlighted at Disney, just months after it was revealed by Dwayne Johnson that it was talked about. Director Jaime Collet-Serra will return with a sequel Jungle Cruise Screenwriter Michael Green is set to write the script for the sequel. Also returning will be the producing team of the original film. what’s more, Jungle Cruise the creator beau flynn indicated earlier that, while the film ends its story at the end, the filmmakers have designed”Paths that can lead to the world of the futureConsidering the film attracts many comparisons Pirates of the Caribbean, it is likely that Disney will take the concept Jungle Cruise And expand it beyond the parameters of the original story for a sequel.

Jungle Cruise 2 Release Date Prediction

Jungle Cruise Dwayne Johnson

Together Jungle Cruise has only just been released and a sequel is still in very early development, Jungle Cruise 2 No release date and probably won’t release for a while now. The first film did well financially – exceeding $35 million at the box office in its first weekend (excluding its Disney+ earnings) and $100 million domestically – and Disney’s execs were forced to decide on a sequel. It didn’t take long. With all this in mind, it’s possible that the second installment could hit theaters in the summer of 2023 at the earliest, with a 2024 release likely as well. It is also worth noting that Johnson and Blunt’s filming schedule is busy, so it’s unclear when filming on the sequel will finally begin.

Jungle Cruise 2 Possible Cast

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt in Jungle Cruise

Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson are definitely making a comeback Jungle Cruise 2 as Dr. Lily Houghton and Frank Wolfe respectively. And though Jack Whitehall hasn’t made things official yet, it’s more than likely that he will return for the sequel as well. Jesse Plemons’ character was crushed by a boulder, and Edgar Ramirez and his fellow Conquerors were turned to stone at the end, so it’s doubtful they’ll return for the sequel. Paul Giamatti, on the other hand, may reprise his role as Frank’s boss, Nilo Nemolato; his role in Jungle Cruise It wasn’t necessary to guarantee a return, but a sequel could have given him more to do.

Jungle Cruise 2 story details unconfirmed

Emily Blunt in Jungle Cruise

NS the end of Jungle Cruise Frank and Lily are entangled with Aguirre, a long-dead conqueror, and Prince Joachim, a German aristocrat who wanted access to the Tree of Life for purely selfish reasons. While Frank sacrifices himself to turn Aguirre to stone, and Joachim is crushed by a boulder, Lily uses the last petal to heal Frank, bringing him back to life. Frank, now freed from the curse that kept him alive for 400 years, joined Lille in London to start his life anew, while he took a job as a Cambridge professor. The story covers most of the film’s loose ends, but there’s a chance Jungle Cruise 2 Another might focus on the curse that Lily finds or is researching. Although no story details have been confirmed, it could send him, Frank, and brother McGregor on another continent-hopping adventure.

With Johnson’s Frank no longer by the river and his curse broken, there are so many paths the plot can take that he doesn’t need to be in the Amazon. what’s more, Jungle Cruise follows some basis from Pirates of the Caribbean, which closed one story and introduced an entirely new one in its sequel, so it’s possible that the latest Disney movie will take another page out of its book and do the same. and late Jungle Cruise Some things left uncovered – for example, Aguirre could theoretically return if someone somehow freed them from the tree – is more likely Jungle Cruise 2 Will tackle a new story with new characters instead of watching the old ones.

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