Josh Flagg confirms he has a boyfriend 2 weeks after Bobby Boyd divorce was announced – E! Online

Josh first announced that he had split from Bobby on March 4, share in a statement On Instagram, “This was not a hasty or impulsive decision. We are doing a lot of thinking before coming to this conclusion.”

Stating that he still had “nothing but love and respect” for Bobby, Josh explained that “it was not a lack of love, but rather we were both heading in different directions and doing different things for ourselves.” wanted.”

She continued, “It was not a lack of love, rather we were heading in different directions and wanted different things for ourselves. I care for Bobby a lot and have nothing but love and respect for him.” I want how we are different from each. Others to represent it.”

In own statementBobby confirms that the pair ended their five-year marriage, She wrote on her Instagram page, “Josh and I had a whirlwind of a love story that I will always be grateful for. We have both taught each other a lot and learned a lot about ourselves through our relationship.” ” “If I can say one thing about the two of us, it’s that we both gave our everything to make this work. Unfortunately, as we’ve learned, sometimes love just isn’t enough. “

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