Joseph Gordon Levitt Recalls Bruce Willis Praise He Never Forgot

Bruce Willis has been receiving love and support ever since retirement announcement From acting because of his aphasia diagnosis. The filmmaker, former co-star, and friend of Hollywood talking about his time die Hard Mark. The latest Hollywood actor to add his name to the list was his looper Co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Sharing the screen with Willis was a huge moment in his career, but what happened during the shooting of the film left a huge impact on him. 500 days of Summer The actor recalled a compliment the retired Hollywood icon had given him that he has never forgotten.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Wasn’t Just the sixth Sense The actor’s visual companion, but played the younger version of Bruce Willis’ character looper, He mentioned Vanity Fair That role was one of his favorites, as Willis’s mirrored that. But there was one particular scene between the two actors that stuck with Gordon-Levitt. He dropped what the acting veteran said about him after the two had a scuffle during the scene.

I had a moment of validation, it was not in this scene. Later in the film there was a scene where we were shouting at each other. I don’t know if Bruce did it intentionally or he did it unintentionally, but it was the biggest compliment he could give me. It was right when he said cut, he was turning away and walking back on his mark, he didn’t even tell me, he said to himself, ‘Sounds like me.’ I just turned to myself and was like, ‘Yeah fucking!’ I think, knowing him, that was actually his overly generous way of greeting me, but it was very kind to do it that way.

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