Joker’s most heinous act saved him from an untimely death

The Joker shocked fans everywhere in “Death in the Family,” but the important story may have spared readers an even more sinister scene.

Jason Todd’s murder could be the worst Joker ever did, but that may have prevented him from meeting his gruesome end. An old interview sheds light on why “Death in the Family” is probably the best thing ever to happen to the Joker.

As Batman’s oldest adversary, the Clown Prince of Crime has reinvented himself more than any other villain in the Dark Knight’s evil gallery. From a deadly serial killer to a gaudy nuisance, the Joker seems to change with every era of comics, any kind of threat he needs to become in order to better reflect the times. If comic fans didn’t know earlier, the brutal beating of the Joker and the murder of Jason Todd were a sign that the modern age of comics was here.

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The story “Death in the Family” was one of the most explosive comic book arcs of the eighties. and late murder of a minor by clown Shockingly, writer Neil Gaiman shows that this clown can be a good thing for a criminal. In an interview with Chip Kidd on the 20th anniversary of Gaiman’s acclaimed work, the SandmanThe author discusses why his comic phased out the use of characters from the DC Universe. around 57:31 markGaiman reveals that working DC characters into his story was tough because they needed approval and events the Sandman Needs to be fitted with DC continuity. He cites an example of how he wanted the Joker to hang himself as an April Fool’s liar. Sandman #5, Although he initially gained approval and wrote the sequence, he was stopped at the last minute and informed that the Joker had just died and could no longer be used.

Sandman #5 was published in May 1989. Four months ago, Batman #429who served as Final Chapter of “Death in the Family” was issued. While Gaiman never explicitly stated in which comic the Joker “died”, Batman #429 After a helicopter crash seemingly ended with the character. When looking at everything laid out this way, it’s amazing to see how the Joker avoids hanging himself on the page for readers everywhere to see. The “Death in the Family” arc was a radical change in the Batman franchise, and is one of the most famous attacks by the Bat-family The Joker. The story is also notable for allowing fans to decide the fate of Jason Todd. Gaiman reveals that the incident prevented him from writing a canonical scene where the Joker hangs himself adds a new layer to a story that already has one of the most infamous reputations in comics.

Of course, Gaiman says that the joker scene was the character’s april fools Yep, so it’s possible that this would have been more of a shocking stunt than an actual suicide. but knowing Joker With a sick sense of humour, he would very well have hung himself if the editorial had not saved him for another story.

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