Joker reveals secret origin of Ben’s daughter

In the latest issue of Joker, the true origins of Ben’s daughter are revealed to Jim Gordon, thanks to the efforts of the Joker Prince himself of crime.

Warning! spoilers ahead Joker #8

In the latest issue of DC Comics Joker, clown prince of crime. helps reveal the true origin of weft The daughter known as Vengeance. While the Vengeance hunts the Joker on behalf of the Santa Priscan government, she now learns the truth about who and what she really is, revealing her quest. none other than jim gordon. Plus, she asks Gordon for something bigger in light of this new information, a major request that the former police commissioner isn’t sure how to process until the end of the issue.

In Joker #8 From writer James Tynion IV and artist Guillaume March, Jim Gordon found himself in Paris, working with Interpol on the hunt for the Joker, the most wanted criminal in the world. the destruction of clown war. However, the Vengeance soon arrives and kidnaps Jim Gordon, taking him on a boat. When Gordon began asking her what she wanted and whose “vengeance” she was, Bane’s daughter was surprisingly open and honest, revealing the secret origins she had recently discovered for herself, the Joker. Thanks to who left a secret file for him to find.

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According to the contents of the file and the secret laboratory retaliation, Bane’s daughter discovers that she is actually a clone of Bain himself, a second attempt at an experiment conducted by the Santa Priscan government. Clearly, his first attempt to program hatred within a major theme worked very well, seeing how Bane assuaged his hatred for Batman So much so that he never even knew he had been transplanted. Instead, Vengeance was created with an addiction to the toxin compound from birth, being programmed with aversion to the Joker, while still being easy to control unlike its predecessor.


It’s as if the Joker was hoping that if Vengeance found out the truth about where his artificial hatred for him came from, she might stop hunting him down as many others currently are. Interestingly enough, this suggests that the Joker Prince sees her as a real threat he might actually be afraid of, but his plan ultimately fails. Instead, vengeance recognizes the fact that Jim Gordon traveling the globe Trying to knock down (and possibly kill) the Joker. She sees that she has a genuine hatred and passion for ending one of the darkest creatures that has ever plagued Gotham. As a result, Vengeance seeks to become Gordon’s vengeance, wanting to know why he hates the Joker so that he can serve as a legitimate anchor for him, allowing him to kill the Joker and not those generals. For those who created it and are using it as a simple weapon, but for Gordon himself.

Overall, the actual origins of Vengeance are pretty intense, especially given that he’s essentially a Darker Version of Marvel’s Winter Soldier When he was still brainwashed by Hydra. While she knows she can’t rest or live in peace until the Joker dies, she no longer wants to serve Santa Prisca. As a result, Gordon appears to be her only hope. However, it will be interesting to see how Gordon responds to future issues. will he allow weft To potentially kill Betty Joker and be his means to end his evil forever? Will he finally decide that massacre Joker What kind of justice does he really want? Fans will have to wait and see whether the series progresses or not.

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