Johnny Depp’s Lawyers Accuse Amber Heard of Editing Her Bruises, But See Unsealed Document The Pirates Actor Accuses The Same

in spite of the reproach decision coming months ago The conversation surrounding Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s protracted legal battle has shown no signs of slowing down. This is partly because of fresh appeals filed by both the parties, but also because of unsealed court documents that came to light this week. And while Depp’s lawyers have accused Heard of editing pictures of his injuryView this new document Pirates The same allegation has been made against the actor as well.

During their protracted legal battle, Johnny Depp’s team of attorneys attempt to discredit Amber Heard and her allegations of abuse. One way to do this was to question the validity of the photographs. aquaman The actress took off her face when the injury occurred, claiming that it was actually done through makeup and/or editing. but the tables are turning TeaThanks for the sealed documents Examined by The Daily Beast (via) insider) who claim that Depp may have edited the images of himself that were presented as evidence.

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