Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial: Unsealed court documents reveal blatant allegations online

Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Wanted To Exclude His Texts With Marilyn Manson In The Lawsuit Against Amber Heard

According to newsweekThe Sweeney Todd Starr’s lawyers sought to exclude his texts with Manson from the trial, arguing in unsealed court documents that it would “blur Mr. Depp under Guilty by Association Theory.” The filing reportedly read, “Ms. Heard’s attempt to involve Marilyn Manson in this case lacks foundation and is entirely speculative and constitutes inappropriate character evidence.”

Manson is done publicly accused of sexual abuse by several women including his former fiancée Evan Rachel Wood, For its part, rocker (born.) Brian Warner) is loud denied the allegations, in a statement released last year called them “horrific distortions of reality”. In March, he filed a defamation suit against Wood on his claims of abuse.

Amber Heard’s lawyers claimed Johnny Depp was suffering from erectile dysfunction

In unsealed court documents. reviewed by page six And newsweekHurd’s lawyers allege 21 Jump Street The alum suffered from erectile dysfunction and “a condition absolutely relevant to sexual violence, including the anger of Mr. Depp and the use of a bottle to rape Amber Heard.”

Taking the stand during the six-week trial in Virginia, Depp denies Heard’s name.heinous allegations of violence, sexual violence, for which he holds me responsible.” He added, “I don’t think one enjoys divulging themselves and speaking the truth, but there are times when one has to simply because It’s out of control. Terrifying. ridiculous. Offensive. Stupid painful. savage. unimaginably cruel. Cruel and all lies.”

During his testimony, Depp also denied allegations of sexual battery and physical abuse made by Heard.

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