Jennifer Lopez shows off her engagement ring to Ben Affleck, and the color has a personal meaning to her

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have really done a number on all the opponents who question their relationship. The two began dating again last April, shortly after Lopez ended her two-year-long engagement with MLB player Alex Rodriguez. And now, in a twist of fate, she’s engaged to the former Batman actor for nearly 18 years before their engagement ended in the early 2000s. JLo recently showed off Affleck’s new engagement ring and, in case you didn’t know, the color actually holds personal meaning to her.

Initially, the 52-year-old teased Twitter That she had made a “big announcement” on her personal newsletter that was an “exciting and special story to share”. As it turned out, the video was uploaded JLo. Feather News bulletin Jennifer Lopez shows off a giant light-green diamond engagement ring with a voice whispering, “You’re perfect.” Ben Affleck must be taking good notes because we know from previous posts on the site that his fiancĂ©e has a green thing. She wrote:

I always say that green is my lucky color. Maybe you remember a certain green dress. I’ve realized that there are moments in my life when wonderful things happened while I was wearing green.

(image credit: at JLo)

Yes, JLo, we know the costume. The iconic, open-front, green Versace dress she wore to the 2000 Grammy Awards. (a dress that recently turned on one RuPaul’s Drag Race star When a contestant was performing with Star on the show.) I think we (and) hustler actress) can add this Benefit 2.0 engagement ring to the list of reasons why green can actually be a very lucky color. I mean, the couple has struck lightning twice in the same relationship now…

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