Jennifer Gray on Johnny Depp Reportedly Being ‘Crazy Jealous and Crazy’ During Their Relationship

Johnny Depp has had several high-profile romances throughout his Hollywood career. Today, many people are probably most familiar with his turbulent Professional and personal relationship with Amber Heard, with whom he is currently engaged in a legal battle. However, others are sure to remember her other past partners, such as ex-fiance Jennifer Grey. dirty dance The icon has published a memoir that is set to hit bookshelves soon, and among the many topics she discusses is her love affair with Depp. And explaining how things went down, she alleged that the actor was “crazy jealous and mad” among other things.

Jennifer Gray and Johnny Depp dated and became engaged in the late ’80s, even before Winona Ryder (who began his highly publicized relationship with Winona Ryder) defended her amid her legal battle) Gray explained in his new book, out of the corner (Via Independent), that her and Depp started off to a happy start, as the two “talked, drank Jack Daniels, laughed at our asses, took cigarette breaks in between” during their first date. He also found her “ridiculously beautiful”.

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