Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow have a mini Friends reunion on the Fourth of July – E! Online

Where they couldn’t get enough of each other!

it’s been a little over a month hbo max dropped friend reunion special, but Jennifer Anistonhandjob Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow Already doing another little reunion of ours.

The co-stars came together over the weekend to celebrate Fourth of July with Kourtney Entry A selfie of the actresses at their home. “Happy Fourth! xoxo,” she shared.

Jane and Lisa were dressed in black tops with matching gold jewellery, while their hostess wore tan blouses and hoop earrings. Her smiling photo also featured summer-ready accessories, as Jen had a pair of sunglasses on her head and Lisa donned a sun hat for her smiling photo.

although friend The stars weren’t the only A-listers at Kourtney’s weekend festivities. He also invited his longtime friend, Laura Durney, who wore a casual red sweater for the selfie of the two of them. Laura posted the same photo to her Instagram feed, Writing, “Happy Fourth from We Girls.”

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