Jenna Ortega has me even more hyped for new horror film X, calling the script the ‘most outrageous’ thing she’s ever read

Jaw dropped after seeing former Disney Channel star Jenna Ortega opening scene in new the Scream MoviesOf course, horror may be the genre that sticks with him based on some of the other projects in the works. Ortega’s next role in Ti West’s A24 movie x, About an adult film shot in rural Texas that doesn’t go according to plan. In case you needed a reason to be hyped for this movie, Jenna Ortega narrates the script for it x For being the “most outrageous” thing she’s ever read!

according to this ewIn , the actress plays a conservative Christian girl who is excited to be in an adult film production. She explains that this “outrageous script” involves an aged couple, the group of characters renting a farmhouse to shoot their adult film who are not at all welcoming.

I play this character named Lorraine, a conservative Southern Christian girl who’s thrown into an adult film production and it’s kind of jarring and exciting to her. They rent this farmhouse on weekends to shoot an adult film. Everyone’s going into it with really high expectations, and the old couple they rented it from probably isn’t the most inviting, and maybe a little too curious what’s going on. [The script was] Most outrageous thing I’ve ever read.

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