Jana Kramer, Stephen Colletti and Others Have a Sweet One Tree Hill Reunion – E! Online

NS one Tree Hill The gang is back together again!

Well, many of them, anyway. Several cast members attended an official weekend reunion for the CW show, titled A Fundraiser. A Weekend at Tree Hill 3, hosted by Friends With Benefits charity events in the building that housed the show’s TRIC nightclub in Wilmington, NC.

On Friday, November 5, go crme (Alex) and kate vogele (Mia) the two performed on stage together while the former co-star anton tanner (skill) to move forward and tyler hilton (Chris) gave a virtual musical performance.

In the middle of the set of Jana, Shantal Van Santen (Quinn) to wonder His former co-star from the edge of the stage caused the artist to scream with excitement. Seeing the enthusiasm of the audience, both of them hugged.

“We cry when we meet again,” Kramer wrote on his Instagram Story. “We always cry.”

Van Santen’s husband and fellow actor Victor Webster Captured video of the sweetest staged moment. The actress later shared the clip, writing, “Reunited and it feels great.” She also said, “I love you @kramergirl.”

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