Jana Kramer and Ian Shinelli break up 3 months after going public – E! online

go crme Got the boy – but now she’s moving on.

Jana shared and Ian Shinelli They broke up after making their relationship Instagram official in January.

During the April 22 interview reach hollywood, he was asked what his advice is for someone going through a breakup. Jana said, “I mean, I’m going through this right now.”

reach hollywood‘s Scott Evans Paused to ask, “Wait what?” while the reporter kit hoover added, “Are you serious?”

Jana replied, “Yeah, you know that’s cool. I think I still—I guess what I’d say is, ‘Your story isn’t over. You’ll never be alone. It” Never is—it’s not as bad as it seems in the moment.'” Continuing with the breakup advice, she said, “And I think timing is a beautiful thing and just knowing that God’s You have big plans for you.'”

one Tree Hill The actress was also seen addressing her split on April 22 by re-sharing an inspirational post on her Instagram story

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