James Gunn helped shape the roles of the Guardians in Thor: Love and Thunder

James Gunn revealed that he suggested adjustments to the Thor: Love and Thunder script and helped shape the roles of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Thor 4 Will follow up after the events of avengers: endgame, in endgameThor, who fell into depression after failing to kill Thanos Avengers: Infinity Warleft traveling with the Guardians of the Galaxy and appointed Valkyrie the king of New Asgard. recently released trailer For love and need shows Thor trying to find inner peace and turns to Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) and the other Guardians for help. This hints at the role of Guardians of the Galaxy Thor: Love and Thunder made some curious whether Gunn had a hand in creating the upcoming Thor Film script.

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This week, Gunn provided a little answer to this curiosity. Answering more questions from fans on social media, gun Turns out he helped shape Guardian roles Thor: Love and Thunder. In response to the question of how much influence Gunn had Thor 4script, GOTG The director/writer said, “I asked for a few things to be adjusted, and they were adjusted.” Check out Gunn’s full post below:

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Gunn doesn’t explain how much they should have adjusted in love and need Or it was dialogue or something, but his quick reaction seemed to make for a small adjustment. It may also be possible that the smaller adjustments were related to Gunn’s two upcoming MCU projects, Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special And Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, assuming that no project is finished and GOTG3 Still finishing filming, Gunn may need to make sure there are no small details from Guardians’ roles. Thor: Love and Thunder He denied what he had planned for his projects.

The MCU has built a reputation for itself with its connected movies, so it’s very important to keep the characters consistent during crossovers. This can be especially true when a character’s story is still being built like Star-Lords. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, While he could never reveal what adjustments he requested, Gunn’s answer assured fans that he and Waititi worked together to ensure there was continuity. Thor: Love and Thunder,

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