James Bond: A long-lost Moonraker script has been found, and it’s a big deal for 007 fans on several fronts

Since its release in 1979, moonraker has been simultaneously one of the most infamous and hotly debated entries in the history of james bond movies, In its final form, the Roger Moore-led 007 film differed wildly from its source novel, which followed star wars The trend that was spreading in Hollywood. However, a long lost moonraker The script, penned by Ian Fleming himself, has reappeared, and it’s a bigger deal for a number of reasons than what we’ve got.

Apparently the author who created James Bond was very Interested in getting 007 for movies. So much so that in a report GuardianIt was revealed that a 150-page document outlining how Fleming wanted to adapt moonraker A feature film was entered in the collection of an antiquarian bookstore in England. It’s a big deal in the context of Bond history for two reasons: it was the only screenplay by Ian Fleming, and it was written in 1956, shortly after the book was published.

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