It’s Always Sunny: The Pirate Door and 9 Other Hilarious Mistakes Charlie Made

Charlie Made Too Many Hilarious Mistakes It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, much to the disdain of the rest of the gang and the entertainment of the audience. His illiteracy is a long-standing lie on the show, often manifested in gut-wrenching ways.

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From his fascination with “pirate gates” to his father’s concern about being a “cheesy mongrel,” there’s no shortage of scenes that highlight Charlie’s unique view of the world. The funniest mistakes made by Paddy’s pub janitor have become surprisingly coveted in fantasy, with errors like “Pepe Sylvia” and “Money Me” becoming even more popular through countless memes.

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pirate gate

it’s always sunny a lot has changed over the years, but one thing that remains the same is Charlie’s illiteracy and his vigorous denial. In the Season 3 episode “The Gang Solves the North Korea Situation”, his mission with Dennis to spy on a contestant goes sideways when he unexpectedly sees the “Pirate’s Door”.

He inadvertently asks a confused Dennis if he thinks “a pirate lives there,” indicating an improvement in understanding that it actually says “private.” The way Charlie tries to avoid Denise’s question of why he’d read it that way, it’s even funnier than her initial mistake and all but soon forgotten when they try to kick the pirate door goes.

coors sign

Things aren’t looking great for Paddy’s Pub in the Season 5 episode “The Great Recession.” As the gang tries to determine what each of them contributes to the bar, they turn to Charlie, who believes that part of their daily routine is to “always make sure” that they “set the course sign”. Turns on to tell people this”. The bar has “Iced Delicious Coors”.

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This seems reasonable enough, until the rest of the group freaks out and realizes the sign is actually “Closed” and not “Cours”. Once again, Charlie’s deflection is as funny as the mistake, as he defends himself by saying that the hint is hard to read from the inside.

Pepe Sylvia

Charlize Pepe Sylvia's plot in It's Always Sunny

Charlie’s Most Iconic Scene What even those who have never heard of the show may recognize is undoubtedly the plot of “Pepe Sylvia”. It occurs during the Season 4 episode “Sweet D’s Have a Heart Attack”, when Charlie and Mac learn what it’s like to have a job with “pay and benefits”.

Unfortunately for Charlie, the mailroom proves to be too much for him, especially considering that he can’t really read or write very well. He is horrified when he learns that despite several letters addressed to “Pepe Sylvia”, he is not present, and that most of the corporation’s employees do, which he refers to as a “ghost town”. The possible truth here is that Charlie doesn’t do his job in the mailroom very well and Hyper instead focuses on uncovering the “major plot” around him.


In the season 15 finale “The Gang Dances Their Aces Off”, Charlie makes an honest mistake and holds Paddy’s Pub as the grand prize for the dance marathon. He explains to the group that he has placed the bar in the “proud” section of the form, or “things” of which he is “proud”.

Mack says it’s best when he exclaims how Charlie’s “illiteracy has spoiled his marketing strategy”, turning the entire event into a high-stakes contest he has to win. It’s a funny moment that underscores how even the smallest of Charlie’s mistakes can have funny consequences for the group.

spaghetti policy

Charlie eating spaghetti as D and Mac watch at It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

In the Season 6 episode “Charlie Kelly: King of the Rats,” Charlie is overworked and overwhelmed. Charlie is tired of cursing rats all day and the gang feels horrified when he finds out it’s his birthday. Dee offers to take her to the spa as a treat, which only confuses Charlie who asks if she is trying to take him “for a spaghetti day”.

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Even after having a plate of what a spa is and having a plate of spaghetti, Charlie still doesn’t understand what’s really going on. It’s the last straw for Dee when Charlie asks what the establishment has a “spaghetti policy,” much to the entertainment of fans, who regularly quote the hilarious phrase whenever they can.


Always Sunny Charlie Catches a Leprechaun

The season 11 episode “Charlie Catches a Leprechaun” is exactly what it sounds like, instead of a leprechaun, Charlie traps a regular guy in the bar’s basement. Perhaps the funniest thing about this mistake is that it turns the whole thing into a best mac and charlie episodes,

Like Charlie, Mac is sure the man knows where they can find a “pot of gold.” Viewers cannot be blamed for feeling bad for the innocent prisoner, until it is revealed that he is indeed in a surprising twist towards the end.

sunblock drink

Jersey Shore It's Always Sunny

In the season seven episode “The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore,” Dee and Dennis are momentarily horrified, as Charlie expresses how grateful he is for their sunblock idea. Dee explains that he never made Charlie drink sunblock, so he’s just chewing on pure sunblock instead of alcohol.

Charlie does not seem upset, however, as the chemicals have already changed his state of mind at the time. He is very excited to investigate “stray dogs” and “sea samples”, in order to heed Dennis’s urge to “soak up the culture”. It’s a comical contrast to his personality and preferences, with Charlie feeling predictably satisfied with just being in one place for the entire vacation.

Like this

Denise stands in front of the American flag at It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Dennis finally says he thinks Charlie “might be dyslexic” in the Season 2 episode “The Gang Run for Office”. When Charlie tries to help Dennis film his campaign speech, the audience gets a good idea of ​​how little Charlie really understands the English language.

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Nonsensical lines like “This is why you should vote for me. I give up power. Well.” Make up the full speech. As an irritated Denise utters the words Charlie utters them, it makes for a particularly gut-busting scene. It’s one of the opening moments that ignites Charlie’s illiteracy. Uncovers and signals the start of what is arguably the fan-favorite gag.

money me

Bonnie Kelly is one of them best recurring character it’s always sunny, Despite appearing and acting like an innocent mother who only wants the best for Charlie, she can also be quite devious, as fans see in the twist in the Season 8 episode “Charlie’s Mom Has Cancer”.

During their fundraising event at Paddy’s Pub, Charlie pressures his mother to read a speech she and Mack wrote for her. It is clear which part of the speech was written by Charlie, and the lines “Give me the money. I money. money now. I need a dime now.” Have become iconic in fantasy.

A kind of cheese

Charlie Kelly and Shelley Kelly

The Season 15 episode “The Gangs Still in Ireland” marks an important event in Charlie’s life, as he discovers who his Irish pen friend really is. When he investigates the mysterious character’s background, he is surprised to learn that he is a “cheesy mongrel”.

As if to drive the point home, Charlie anxiously asks what he must have done so badly to deserve that title, sometimes replacing it with “cheese monster.” It’s a hilarious mistake that highlights how he can’t understand and express simple words like “cheese monger” but can clearly understand and speak Irish fluently.

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