Is Disneyland’s Splash Mountain getting ready for its Princess and the Frog redesign?

For over a year now We know Splash Mountain, the iconic flume ride, will be seeing a total thematic redesign at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. The current version of the ride was set to replace Existence song of the south Story with one based the Princess and the Frog, But when we know change is coming, it is never confirmed When the work on the change will start. And now fans are wondering if it could all start as early as this January.

According to (and told by) the Disneyland website blog mickey), Splash Mountain is undergoing renovation since January 10, 2022. Since there is work to be done on the ride, an obvious question to ask is whether the work being done will be a complete overhaul of the ride. change the story To the Princess and the Frog, It is a bit early to tell at this point, but there are compelling arguments on both sides of the coin.

Why Splash Mountain probably isn’t getting redesigned

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