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How True Is FX’s True Crime Miniseries? under the banner of heaven,

While the haunted drama, which debuted on FX on Hulu on April 28, Based on the 1984 murders brenda lafferty and her 15 month old daughter EricaSome creative liberties were taken in retelling the heinous crime. case in point: Andrew GarfieldDescription of the show The investigator Jeb Peyre at the center of the case is actually a fictional character.

However, as Garfield, 38, Explained to E! news in special conversation, he talked to an actual detective to help shape his portrayal of Det. pyre. “I came into contact with someone under the promise of anonymity who was a spy and a Mormon,” he said, “and there was a similar crisis of trust while working on a case that ties to his roots.” “

According to Garfield, this conversation sported him “a great deal of insight”, including “a sense of responsibility to live through this struggle in a real and authentic way”.

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