Inside Johnny Banana’s humanitarian journey in Ukraine amid Russian invasion – E! Online

johnny bananas Recently faced one of the biggest challenges I have ever faced.

39-year-old former star of MTV the challengeaka johnny devenzioJoined a humanitarian convoy led by the refugee foundation earlier this month manoshoTo deliver medical and other supplies to people in Ukraine amid the current Russian invasion.

Johnny told E! News that a friend called him and asked if he “would be willing to travel. I just wanted to contribute in some way shape or form,” said the reality star. “And it’s easy to be like, I want to donate money to the Red Cross, or whatever. And that’s all well and great, but I feel like I’m capable of enough… to better use my skills.” Would be if I was able to really like to go and contribute and stay grounded.”

Johnny first flew to neighboring Poland, where he met Ukrainian refugees, including a woman who had brought her daughter along but had reluctantly left her husband and son in Ukraine. The country has banned men between the ages of 18 and 60 from visiting in the midst of the war. Johnny estimated that the little girl would be 3 years old.

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