Inside Aaron Rodgers’ ‘complicated’ relationship with his family – E! online

And although Green Bay, Wis., is far from Chico’s, the Rodgers family appears to have been as supportive as they can be.

Ed, Darla, Luke, Jordan and the maternal grandfather of the brothers, Barbara And chuck pitmanAll were in Arlington, Texas, when the Packers defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2011 to win Super Bowl XLV, three years after Rodgers took the reins of the team from veteran quarterback Brett Favre, Rodgers threw 304 yards for three touchdowns without a hitch and was named Super Bowl MVP.

Interviewed Ed, before the big game, a writer for Dallas News, Sports Day noted that there was no evidence in his chiropractic office as to who his son was.

“Just my way, I guess,” Ed said. “I don’t go to pack my stuff. The people here know me and what’s going on.” That being said, he couldn’t have looked prouder.

“I knew Aaron had a special gift,” Ed also Told new York Times Before the game, “But you never think your kid is going to go to the Super Bowl.”

The elder Rodgers also told a story about a friend who congratulated Aaron on his game. “Aaron was like, ‘Yeah, but you should see my brother. He’s better.’ The gentleman turned to me and said, ‘You know, that reaction is really rare.'” Ed said, “Aaron has always had this interesting combination of being polite and extremely confident.”

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