In the hilarious sneak peek – watch Family Karma’s Brian go on a date with the two of Monica in E! Online

So cool, he invited them twice!

in tonight’s episode family work, airing July 7, self-proclaimed “hopeless romantic” Brian Benick Gets herself into a slightly awkward (yet hilarious) dating situation. As fans of the show know, Brian has moved on from the old flame. Monika Vaswani And now seriously girlfriend Dr. Monica Shahi.

In this exclusive sneak peek, Brian surprises his girlfriend Monica S with a private ice skating date, but Monica V shows up to crash the party… or add to it?

“Monica and I are in a long distance relationship,” Brian tells the camera. “Whenever we’re together, I want to impress her so badly.”

Bryan also admitted to using lines from romantic comedy films to seduce women. The IT executive tells Monica that she should have “no fear” because her “boyfriend is here.”

Nevertheless, Brian opens up that he feels he needs to “prove his worth” all the time because Monica is a doctor, which he finds “a little intimidating” despite supporting her career. “I think it’s like an ego,” confesses Brian.

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