IMDb. The 15 Best Action Movies of 2021, According to

The action movie genre always offers some of the most thrilling and entertaining movies in any given year. 2021 was no different as there were countless action films that were among the most acclaimed, biggest hits and most talked about films of the year.

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As the genre continues to grow, 2021 saw some of the best variety in action movies that fans could see. Some were inventive original ideas while others were part of a huge franchise. Some were gritty and violent while others could entertain the whole family. And the top rated action movies according to IMDb users show just how great the genre was in 2021.

Updated on March 31, 2022 by Colin McCormick: If fans are still looking for thrill and excitement from last year’s cinematic offerings, the best action movies of 2021 abound to see. Along with some of the year’s most talked-about film moments in the new action movies, there are some hidden gems fans still need to see. And now with so many titles available on streaming services, there’s no better time for fans to watch the 2021 action movies that blew the audience away.

15 Tomorrow’s War (6.6)

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The Tomorrow War First Look Images Amazon Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt continues his trend as an action star with summer blockbuster tomorrow’s war, Pratt plays a man who is part of a group of recruits to be sent to the future Battle aliens who are taking over the world,

The film was an interesting new twist on the time-travel genre, while also mixing exciting action sequences with big sci-fi ideas. Pratt remains a favorite lead in these types of movies and it makes for a fun popcorn adventure.

14 Black Widow (6.7)

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Natasha and Yelena stand side by side and are seen in Black Widow

Although she was one of the founding members of the Avengers in the MCU, it took a long time for Black Widow to receive her solo film. Natasha Romanoff was finally able to hit the headlines Kali Mai Which found him returning to Russia and facing his painful past.

Scarlett Johansson continues to be iconic in the heroic role and she joins some great new additions to the MCU, most notably Florence Pugh as Yelena. The action was more brutal and grounded than other MCU projects which seemed refreshing to many fans. It all serves as a fitting farewell to a great character.

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13 Man’s wrath (7.1)

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H gets ready for action

Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham reunite for gritty action-crime film Manu’s anger, based on french film cash truck, Statham stars as a mysterious man who takes a job as an armored car driver. But when he foils the robbery attempt, it appears he has an agenda of his own.

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Statham fits into the silent badass character as always and it’s great fun to see him work with Richie once again. Filled with intense sequences, oddball characters and some interesting twists, Manu’s anger Have an enjoyable ride.

12 Free Guy (7.2)

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Free Guy Jodie Comer and Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has perfected a fun action-comedy genre that audiences love and continues that streak free guy, Reynolds plays a background character in a video game who begins to take charge of his own life.

a lot of fun in the movie Action sequences inspired by various video games Which combines slapstick and humour. Reynolds is accompanied by a talented cast, including Jodie Comer, who turns out to be the film’s action hero.

1 1 Suicide Squad (7.2)

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Harley Quinn produced two M16s in The Suicide Squad

Although it is set in the superhero world of the DCEU, suicide squad feels more like an old war adventure The Dirty Dozen, James Gunn’s new role on Material follows a group of supervillains tasked with a dangerous mission on a military-controlled island.

Gunn brings to the film his distinctive dark and faint sense of humor which gives it a fun spark. There are also some very inventive and wild action moments, like the bloody opening beach raid and the brutal brawl between two teammates.

10 Raya and the Last Dragon (7.3)

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It was a big year for animated films in 2021, but Raya and the Last Dragon Standed out as a great action film offering with family friendly entertainment. The Disney film follows a young warrior who tries to save his ancient civilization from demons by finding the last remaining dragon.

Like most Disney movies, Raya and the Last Dragon Does a fantastic job of combining humour, heart and family friendly atmosphere. But it also has some amazing action sequences which are thrilling to watch.

9 Old Henry (7.3)

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A prophet stands in front of his house in Old Henry.

While the western film genre doesn’t have much to offer in 2021, old henry Was a great new addition to the genre. Tim Blake Nelson plays a farmer who takes in a wounded man who makes him the target of a dangerous pose. But as they come closer to him, the man’s hidden past comes to the fore.

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Nelson has been a stellar character actor over the years, so it’s great to see him give a film title like this. Though a short and simple story, it still offers plenty of thrills and great moments which make it one of the lowest rated action movies of 2021.

8 no time to die (7.3)

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James Bond at the Nanobot Factory in No Time to Die

as the fifth film With Daniel Craig as James Bond, no time to die marks the end of the actor’s run in the series. The film disrupts Bond’s peaceful life in retirement as past secrets surface and a new menacing threat emerges.

Fans go to Bond movies for big action sets and no time to die delivers on it. Beginning with an extended chase sequence, the film manages to make for a uniquely fun detective adventure while still exploring Bond as a character in some interesting ways.

7 none (7.4)

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no one hides from bad guys with hutch gun

Perhaps the most surprising action hero of the year was Bob Odenkirk. in nobodyIn , Odenkirk plays a family man leading a mundane life. But after failing to stop the thieves breaking into his house, he reveals a side of him that he had long hidden.

Odenkirk really shines in the role of both the unseen everyman and the badass who can take on armies of hooligans. The film features commonly seen fight scenes and shootouts john wick movies, but it is made more enjoyable with Odenkirk in the role of the protagonist.

6 The Last Duel (7.4)

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Adam Driver and Matt Damon in The Last Duel.

Ridley Scott returns to deliver one of the year’s lowest-rated films in the historical epic genre. final duel Tells the true story of a face-off between two knights, one of whom is accused of assaulting the other man’s wife.

The film is a very subtle and thought-provoking look at the different perspectives of this crime, which still holds true today. But amidst all this intense drama, there are some brutal battle scenes as well as the titular climactic duel that turns out to be one of the best action sequences of the year.

5 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (7.5)

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Simu Liu fighting on a bus in Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings

Although a relatively unknown Marvel character, Shang-Chi made a huge impression in his first MCU appearance. Simu Liu gives a star-making performance as a skilled warrior who has to face his past when his powerful and dangerous father reappears.

The martial arts fight scenes were lauded as some of the best in the MCU, and the action in the climax is as wide as one might expect in these films. It was a fun, funny and touching MCU adventure that solidifies Shang-Chi as a The MCU’s Best New Characters,

4 The Michels vs The Machines (7.7)

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Katie and Mitchell in slo-mo with Burning Mall in The Mitchells vs The Machines

Although this animated family adventure was somewhat overlooked, The Michels vs The Machines Those who have seen it have lauded it as one of the best films of the year. It follows the Titanic family on a cross-country trip when a rogue AI program takes over the world.

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The wild animation style immediately sets it apart from other films in the genre and the wacky sense of humor provides some laughable moments. But it is the inventive action sequences that make the film a fun ride for the whole family.

3 Zack Snyder’s Justice League (8.1)

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After much controversy over the theatrical release and vocal outrage from fans, Zack Snyders Justice League Provides the original vision for the superhero epic. The film follows the same basic plot as DC’s greatest hero trying to stop Steppenwolf from invading Earth.

However, with extended runtime and Snyder’s grand view of mythologyThis version is a true superhero epic that delighted fans of the DCEU and surprised many who weren’t fond of Snyder’s previous work.

2 Doon (8.1)

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Dune VFX supervisor breaks down sci-fi epic's ornithopter sequences

Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of the influential science-fiction novel Dune It was one of the most awaited films of the year and many felt that it lived up to the expectations. The story follows an intergalactic royal family that takes control of a dangerous planet where they are soon surrounded by enemies.

Dune It is much more than just an action film as it brings viewers into a rich science-fiction world, explores a vast mythology, and sets up an epic saga. However, Villeneuve also stages some truly mind-blowing moments that fans won’t soon forget.

1 Spider-Man: No Way Home (8.5)

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Spider-Man clings to the roof of the car over the bridge

Although expectations were high with the announcement of Spider-Man’s third MCU adventure, Spider-Man: No Way Home Defeated all expectations with its bold and extremely entertaining story.

The film is full of big surprises along with crowd-pleasing moments and action. From fun to comic set-pieces to brutal fights to the final fight that will have the audience cheering, Spider-Man: No Way Home Probably the movie watching experience of the year.

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