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There are no movie stars like Charles Bronson today. In his heyday, Bronson was a distinctly on-screen presence. Along with Lee Marvin and Jason Statham, Bronson is one of Hollywood’s only authentic tough guys. In the ’70s he became the face of vigilante justice in action cinema.

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Bronson worked with such great directors in a wide variety of genres as Sergio Leone, Robert Aldrich, Walter Hill and J. Lee Thompson. During his decades-long acting career, Bronson played war heroes, western outlaws, vigilantes and morally ambiguous cops.

10 Death Wish – 7.0

The film may not take the top spot, but it is the film that is most likely to come to a movie watcher’s mind when they think of Charles Bronson. The role of Paul Kersey, an architect who takes the law into his own hands when his wife and daughter are attacked by a street gang, reimagined Bronson’s on-screen persona as a tough-as-nails vigilante. Presented.

directed by Michael Viner, death wish was wildly controversial for its alleged advocacy of vigilantism, but its box office success vigilante thriller trend during the 1970s.

9 Vera Cruz – 7.1

Charles Bronson with two other gunmen at Vera Cruz

Robert Aldrich, set during the Mexican Rebellion of 1866 Vera Cruz Follows a band of American anti-heroes who work on behalf of Emperor Maximilian to lead a Countess to Vera Cruz.

While Bronson was a dependable leading man by the ’70s, Vera Cruz Released back in the 50s when he played a few roles in vehicles starring other actors. It stars Gary Cooper, Burt Lancaster, and Cesar Romero (best known) Joker opposite Adam West’s Batman,

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8 Jubal – 7.1

Charles Bronson on horseback at Jubilee

starring Glenn Ford, Rod Steiger and Valerie French, Jubilee is a western romantic drama about sexual politics. Bronson has a supporting role as Reb Haslip, the sole ally of Ford’s titular jubilant troupe.

The film was in very safe hands with Delmar Daves, the director of such classic westerns. broken arrow and original Yuma to 3:10, Jubilee It has since been released on DVD and Blu-ray as part of the Criterion Collection.

7 House of Wax – 7.1

Charles Bronson in a doorway in the original House of Wax

Andre de Toths House of Wax An early example of a 3D horror film. The owner of a wax museum survives a building burning and seeks horrific revenge.

this movie revived Vincent Price’s career, who became B-movie veterans with roles in horror films, such as the Masque of the Red Death And the slimy Dr. Phibes,

6 hard times – 7.3

Walter Hill’s action-packed directorial debut hard time Bronson is featured as Chaney, a drifter in the Great Depression who scraps an illegal life as a non-mimicking boxer. He ends up reuniting with a hustler played by James Coburn and the two end up in New Orleans.

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This is a classic example of an action-driven narrative. Chani effortlessly beats every competitor until she comes face-to-face with a tough-as-as-nails fighter who could be her equal.

5 Crime Wave – 7.3

Charles Bronson hiding behind a corner in Crime Wave

reunited with Bronson House of Wax Andre de Toth, director for the film Noiro wave of guilt, but he was credited as “Charles Buchinsky” under his birth name.

Like many film noirs, wave of guilt Tells the story of a criminal trying to go straight and lead a legitimate life as he slowly returns to the criminal underworld.

4 Fantastic Seven – 7.7

directed by John Sturgess, the magnificent Seven Famously a western re-imagining of Akira Kurosawa seven samurai In which Mexican farmers hire seven gunmen to defend their city from bandits.

The Titanic group of gunslingers is made up of a star-studded ensemble cast including Steve McQueen, Yul Brynner, Eli Wallach, and of course, Charles Bronson.

3 The Dirty Dozen – 7.7

Another Robert Aldrich movie, The Dirty Dozen A classic World War II hero story about the US military, which involves a group of convicted assassins who are not expected to survive, on a mass murder mission of German officers.

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Starring Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine and John Cassavetes with Bronson, The Dirty Dozen A Mission War Prank is one of the quintessential entries in the sub-genre.

2 The Great Escape – 8.2

Charles Bronson as Tunnel King in The Great Escape

John Sturgess also worked with Bronson the great Escape, the epic World War II story of a group of Allied POWs to break out of a German prison camp.

Once again, Bronson joins a star-studded ensemble cast, appearing alongside Steve McQueen, James Garner and Richard Attenborough. Bronson plays the POW who digs a tunnel for their escape.

1 Once Upon a Time in the West – 8.5

Arguably Sergio Leone’s masterpiece, once in the west Has a love letter to Western style. Leon and his co-writers weave together all the classic moments from the Western canon into a cohesive plot, then wrap up their uniquely operatic cinematic vision on it.

Bronson stars as “Harmonica”, a mysterious gunman in the vein of Clint Eastwood’s “Man With No Name” From Dollar The trilogy harmonica is named after the harmonica he plays when hitting people. Unlike Bronson, Henry Fonda plays fundamentally against type, to whom he has a grudge as a sadistic villain.

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