Idris Elba opens up about selling pot to Dave Chappelle and Giggs, who he worked for before becoming famous

It’s no secret that breaking into the acting business is hard. Hopeful actors do all kinds of weird things while going to auditions and trying to find their big break. When you see someone as accomplished as Idris Elba, it’s hard to imagine the 2018 Sexiest Man Alive, which has fans Demand for years to be seen as James BondAlways fighting for work. But of course, when the actor first came to the United States, he said he had all kinds of jobs—including selling utensils to comedian Dave Chappelle.

Idris Elba spoke to Jess Cagle Podcast About his current projects – including sonic the hedgehog 2in which he voices (Sexy?) Animated Character Knuckles — but when the conversation took place early in Elba’s career, he described how he had trouble finding acting work in America for nearly four years after leaving London, and that he picked up a number of jobs which, he said, made him proud. was not. To specify what those things might include, the actor told the host:

I used to sell weed… it wasn’t [legal] back then. I did this for a little help getting paid. I was quite a DJ. I was a doorman at Caroline’s Comedy Club, which is fascinating when I meet the comedian you remember the tall, English guy with the weird accent and short hair. David Chappelle remembers me because he used to buy hay from me. …but yeah, I did all kinds of things to be honest.

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