How to Solve Arumi Puzzles in Genshin Impact?

jenshin effect There are many puzzles throughout the game, and Arumi Puzzles are a bit more difficult. However, a few simple steps can reduce a lot of pain and time by recognizing the pattern. A big key to success with puzzles is having players bring a character with lightning strikes with them.

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Getting to the Arumi Puzzle in jenshin effect There is a barrier to access that must be met first. Obtaining the Memento lens is necessary because the player has to access it in order to continue the lens unlock switch. Obtaining the Memento Lens also requires completing the sacrificial quest. This discovery is part of the sacred sakura cleansing ritual, which is also touched upon during the Araumei riddle. more importantly, do Aroume Puzzles Gain Access to Tutelage: Dungeon of a Thousand Gates.

How to unlock Aroumi Seal in Genshin Impact?

Jenshin Impact Cube Pillar Solved

Arumi Puzzle jenshin effect The one is long and arduous, and it begins by following a route leading north from the Grand Narukami Shrine to the west of it, which leads to Araumei. While going north, there will be a large staircase leading to the lower level surrounded by cherry blossoms. There, players will find a cube surrounded by red symbols that surround it. aims at Release four electro seals Unlock the entrance to the ruins below where the real puzzles lie.

From the cube, facing it, to its left is a column that needs to receive a charge in order to activate. Once activated, move it back and look for five cubes that have a picture engraved on them, three with lit and two that aren’t. To solve this puzzle, players have to shoot unlit cubes with a charge in order to rotate the cubes to the side that has the light facing in. To solve this puzzle, shoot the top left cube, top middle and top left again.

After everyone is burned, make a charged explosion on the pillar in the middle to end the second seal. From here, go north and find the stone path, where the third pillar to the right will be. After defeating the enemy guarding the pillar, shoot him to release the third seal. The fourth seal is on the right side of the ladder from the beginning of the field.

How to Cleanse the Second Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual in the Genshin Effect

Baal's fight against the Traveler in Genshin Impact.

After the issue of final seal in jenshin effect, go back to the first cube, activate it, and climb the tree to get to a secret area with the three Earth Kitsunes. Use the Memento lens on all three to reveal three more cubes. Activate the cubes to open the floor to a new location. After landing, the new arena is relatively small, but it has a purple gate with a giant fox statue on the other side for charging. In front of the entrance is a small kitsune that will activate after using the Memento lens. After Kitsune investigates, there is a tree-like entity behind it that will give an electrogranum to travel through the Purple Gate.

go through the gate and use electricity to power up Get the fox and scroll shaped ward. Next, head back to the Tory Gate, where the Five Purple Lanterns are to be activated, but in a specific order to trigger the next event. Facing the Tori Gate, the first lantern is to its left, the second to its right, both of which require a Memento lens to activate. The third lantern is in one opening to the right of another. The fourth is directly in front of the Tori Gate, and the fifth lantern is to the left of the fourth lantern.

Use Ward to activate the fourth lantern. Above the lantern are symbols, each representing a number. On the top of each lantern are the numbers two, two, three, one, three from one to five. Pray on the fourth lantern, and the battle against Ochimusha begins. Killing Ochimucha completes the second of three sacred sakura cleansing rituals.

How to get Tutledge: A Thousand Doors in the Genshin Effect

genshine impact cubes

After Ochimusha’s defeat jenshin effectTori is in an opening through the wall, to the left of the gate, another Arumi puzzle. Here are five cubes that are needed to get to the ruins of the seals. shoot the cubes from the initial default position. The front left one twice, then the back right twice. The goal is to wall the lit sides up, drain the water on the right side of the puzzle, and access a new area.

Get into the water and swim down the long hallway. Turn right into the front opening of the Purple Gate. This area has a set of stairs to climb with another five cube puzzles on the upper level on the back wall. Shoot twice in the middle to complete the puzzle. Go back to the floor below where the stairs are and go through the entrance on the left of them. There is another ladder but don’t climb up. Instead, look to the right of the stairs where a cube can activate, opening up a new area. move over enemies to find a teleport waypoint and an entrance on the ground floor that brings players into a continuous mechanical array. After destroying it, climb onto the vines at the back of the room and follow the path to the second cube with red signs around it.

Stepping on a tile next to the cube will activate a puzzle solved by stepping on all the tiles, turning them blue. To solve this, stay on the outside tiles and move the floor to the middle until all the tiles are lit. Activate the cube and move on to the next section, where following the same strategy will lead to success again on a bigger board. After completing this final puzzle, a monument will rise from the ground to access the Tutelage: A Thousand Gates dungeon.

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jenshin effect can be played on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

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