How to Make Every Gnome Happy in The Sims 4 (Harvestfest Event)

During the Harvestfest event in The Sims 4 season, the Sims will be visited by a mischievous gnome. To make them happy, they should be given gnome specific gifts.

Holidays are a major feature sims 4 season expansion pack, and, during Harvestfest, a The Sims For Thanksgiving celebrations, Sims will see different gnomes in and around their homes. These Gnomes can teleport around a Sim’s possessions and wreak havoc, sometimes breaking and messing up equipment. As part of the Harvestfest celebration sims 4 season, The Sims have to please each gnome with a gift. When pleased, the gnomes become happy, indicated by a halo on top of their hats, and will drop seeds for a Sim. Plant and sell plants in your garden, The gnome will stick around after the holiday and serve as a decoration for the garden. If Sims give the wrong gift to a gnome, they will be furious, indicated by the fire on top of their hat. Unhappy gnomes will mess with the Sim’s house more aggressively until the day ends or the gnome is sold.

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If players gift the gnomes a wrong item or kick them, they will get excited and start breaking things. sims 4 Players can apologize, but gnomes may not respond positively, and there is a chance they may strike players with non-lethal lightning bolts. For this reason, it is extremely important to gift them the right item to make them happy. sims 4,

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There are 12 different varieties of gnomes that can appear during Harvestfest sims 4 season, and players can tell them apart based on their costumes. Gnomes want one of six types of gifts: Coffee, Salad, Pie, Toy, Fruitcake, or Future Cube. Sims don’t need to specifically have any of these in their inventory and can make use of the special interactions available in the meantime Harvestfest holiday To gift these items and appease the gnomes. Here’s How To Make Every Gnome Happy During This sims 4 season The HarvestFest holiday event and what to do if a gift fails to make them happy.

Gifts to Give Every Gnome During Harvestfest in The Sims 4 Season

All possible gnomes in The Sims 4 Season

Sims will always need a gift to please any gnome during Harvestfest. sims 4 season expansion pack, Most gnomes have a single gift they really like, although many will be happy with more than one of six options. The tip in the information panel for Harvestfest asks players to give the gnomes toys to please them. While this is true for some Gnomes, this tip will not work on all 12.

in each sentence sims 4 season There is a technical name, although these do not appear until the gnome becomes part of the sim’s decorations after the end of the Harvestfest holiday. Players are more likely to be able to tell them apart by the way they look. in each sentence sims 4And the gifts that will delight them during Harvestfest appear below:

  • Happy Gnomeverse!: This gnome wears a tuxedo and a party hat and holds a piece of cake in one hand and a party horn in the other. This is the kind of Gnome wants coffee,
  • Gnome. there’s no place like: This gnome is the quintessential garden gnome, standing in meditation with vaguely sad eyes and arms at its sides. This is the kind of Gnome wants coffee,
  • barely gnome: This gnome wears the mascot costume of a bear. Players should gift this gnome Pie,

A Gnome Grim Reaper in The Sims 4
  • don’t be afraid of regnomper: This gnome is dressed like the famous harbinger of death, The Sims Grim Reaper, and is holding a sickle. This is the kind of Gnome wants Pie,
  • poolside gnome: This gnome has pigtail braids and is wearing an old-timey swimsuit and pool floaties. This is the kind of Gnome wants a Pie presented them.
  • Mr. Floppy the Gnome: This gnome wears a pink bunny suit and holds a basket. Players should gift this gnome salad,
  • bare essential gnome: This gnome is completely naked, visible with a pixelated box on its center like the Sims has when using the bath or bathroom. This is the kind of Gnome wants a toys,
  • terrifying ghostly gnome:this gnome looks alike The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff Pack Spirit, white in color and translucent with black eyes. This is the kind of Gnome wants printer,
  • Guardians of the Gnomalexi: This gnome looks like an alien, green, with a Cthulhu-inspired beard made of tendrils. This is the kind of Gnome wants a future cube,
  • Gnome Matter What, I’m Still Your Baby: This gnome has a classic beard and is always reaching up to the player’s face or begging someone to take it in their hands. Players should gift this gnome coffee.
  • Happy Gnome Garden Pal: This gnome wears a red cap and uses his hands to spread his beard. He’s an avid companion with special all-season paint. Players should gift this gnome coffee,
  • Strictly business gnome: This gnome has places to live and is always ready for business. He has meetings to attend, calls to call, and is always up and about. Also, he can be seen wearing a very cute suit. Players should gift this gnome coffee,
  • There’s no place like Gnome: This gnome looks the most common of them all and is somewhat disturbing. He can take good care of a sportsman’s garden. Players should gift this gnome coffee either fruit cake,

If players accidentally give a gnome the wrong gift and fail to appease him, the gnome will set fire to the top of his head and begin to more aggressively smash things around the sim’s house. Sims have two options at this time. They may try to apologize, but the gnome may not accept the apology. If the gnome refuses to accept the Sim’s apology, it will lift the Sim up and electrocute them, leaving them with a Dazed Moodlet for a short time. The Sims can also kick angry gnomes, which will annoy all the gnomes in the house, even if the Sim successfully appeases them and leads to further chaos.

If a gnome refuses to appease, players can also enter build/buy mode and sell gnomes for simoleons So that their lot does not suffer further. Failed attempts to appease the gnomes also count towards the holiday success of Sim’s Harvestfest. sims 4 seasonLeading to a Sim feeling more full after the day is over.

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sims 4 Available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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