How to know when AirPods are charging

There are several things AirPods owners can do to check when their earbuds are charging and how long the battery lasts.

Apple AirPods live Some of the best wireless earbuds you can buyBut after the earbuds run their battery to 0, it is important to know whether they are charging. AirPods offer wearers a convenient way to listen to their music on the go. You can listen seamlessly without any wires, switch between different Apple devices, and talk to Siri quickly with hands-free voice commands.

All AirPods come with a charging case that can hold both the headphones at once. The case also has multiple charges for AirPods, so it’s easy to charge them while away from power outlets. To keep your AirPods charged, simply store them in a position when they’re not in use. Charging the case is also easy. All AirPods models support Lightning wired charging, While others work with Qi and MagSafe wireless charging,

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While this all sounds simple enough, everyone has been in a situation where they thought their gadget was charging – only to find that it hadn’t actually changed at all. Thank God, Apple makes it easy To check if your AirPods are charging. All AirPods cases come with a built-in status light (found on the front or inside of the case, depending on which model you have). If the status light is amber when the AirPods are in the case, it means that the case is wirelessly charging both earbuds. Similarly, the amber light on the AirPods case plugged in or wireless charger means that both the case and the earbuds are charging. Green status light indicates a full battery, and it manifests itself in a few different ways. The green light when the AirPods are in the case means that both the earbuds and the case are fully charged. Without AirPods, the green light on the case means that the case is fully charged. Lastly, if the AirPods case is plugged into a power source, a green light shows that it is fully charged and can be unplugged.

There are more ways to check if AirPods are charging

Battery Widget on an iPhone

If the status light isn’t helpful enough, AirPods users can check their charging status directly on their iPhone. Grab your AirPods, bring them next to the iPhone paired with them, and open the top of the charging case. If the AirPods are inside the case and charging, you’ll see a small lightning bolt icon next to each earbud.

you can also With iPhone’s ‘Battery’ Widget, To add a widget, press and hold anywhere on the iPhone Home screen. Tap ‘Edit Home Screen’, tap the ‘+’ icon in the top left corner, scroll down the page, tap ‘Battery’, choose the size you want, and tap ‘Add Widget’. Your AirPods battery is now visible on the widget whenever you open the case. If the AirPods are in their case and charging, a lightning bolt appears above the earbuds icon. Similarly, a lightning motif appears on the top of the charging case or when connected to a wireless charger. Unlike the pop-up (which disappears when you touch the screen), your AirPods’ charging status remains on the battery widget even after you’ve closed the case.

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