How to get rid of belly fat

How to get rid of belly fat or Visceral fat is a most common problem that everyone wants to get rid off and we will be discussing its causes and remedy.

Visceral fat accumulates in a person’s abdominal cavity and is also known as ‘active fat’ as it affects the function of hormones in the body. Therefore, an excess of visceral fat can have potentially dangerous consequences. Because the fat of the intestine is in the abdominal cavity, it is close to many important organs such as the pancreas, liver, and intestines. If a person has lot of fats in belly then there is a greater chances of health risks. Experts recommend avoiding or reducing alcohol intake to help burn belly fat.

While drinking small amounts of alcohol, especially red wine, has been shown to have health benefits, drinking too much alcohol can harm your health and your waistline.

How to get rid of belly fat

Several studies have shown that drinking too much alcohol can encourage fat to accumulate as visceral fat.

One study, which included 8,603 Korean adults, found that those who drank the most alcohol had the largest waist circumference, which may be a marker of visceral fat.

Another study, which looked at 87 women, found that moderate alcohol intake was also associated with carrying more visceral fat.

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Alcohol is metabolized differently than other foods and beverages.

Generally, the body gets energy from calories in carbohydrates, fats and proteins, which are slowly digested and absorbed within the gastrointestinal system.

However, this digestion process changes when there is alcohol.

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When a person drinks alcohol, he is immediately noticed because he recognizes alcohol as a toxin and does not require digestion.

After this, the liver burns alcohol instead of fat and this increases the fat around the stomach.

Alcohol not only delays the liver’s ability to break down fat, but it also impedes the body’s access to the hormones that are needed to help break down fat effectively.


When the body focuses on processing alcohol, it does not break down carbohydrate and fat foods properly.

Therefore, these calories are converted into body fat and taken to your body for permanent storage.

In a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, alcohol and how it affects a person’s fat fat were investigated.

The study stated: “Our study investigated whether different drinking patterns affect fat distribution, especially abdominal fat in women and men.

If a person consumes lot of alcohol then chances of abdominal fat increases which directly involves a person into serious health threat.

If you want to try to reduce the amount of drinking, here are five practical tips from the British Dietetic Association:

Junk Foods
  • Replace the high calorie mixer with a low calorie mixer such as a low calorie tonic or diet cola and substitute drinks with water / diet / low calorie drinks.
  • Do not keep the glass above before it expires so that the amount consumed can be monitored more accurately.
  • Tell your friends and family that you are trying to make the cut so that they can support you
  • Avoid salty snacks such as crisps and salty nuts as they make you thirsty (as well as being high in fat and salt).
  • Think about the power of your drink – choose a low-alcohol beer or a laser.

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