How to complete the Rippling Wings Seasonal Challenge in Destiny 2?

The Rippling Wings Seasonal Challenge in Destiny 2 requires players to find three Darkness Rifts and three Lucent Moths in World of Thrones.

The Rippling Wings Seasonal Challenge is one of the more complex objectives fate 2, as players are tasked with collecting three moths and destroying three Darkness Rifts. Although this seasonal challenge was released during week four Risen weather, this will probably be the challenge that gives most parents a hard time as there is not much direction on how to complete it. In fact, rippling wings is a multi-stage challenge that requires completing several things beforehand. fate 2,

Before completing Rippling Wings, players must first defeat witch queen campaign, then proceed to complete “of queens and insects“To obtain the Parasite Alien Grenade Launcher. Parasite has a unique Alien perk called Worm Byproducts, where Guardians who take damage from their own Worm projectile explosions power up their weapons for a short period of time. This buff Darkness on Throne is the key to destroying the Rift’s world, and players can begin alien quests to find it Parasite Grenade Launcher fate 2 Speak with Mara Sov in the basement of the pyramids in the Enclave on Mars after defeating the campaign with any character. of queens and insects There is a 17-step quest that takes about two or three hours to complete.

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There are 10 Lucent Moths and 10 Darkness Drifts scattered throughout the World of Throne, even though players only need three of each to complete the challenge. However, finding all Lucent Moths will reward players with a Lepidopterist victory, and destroying all Darkness Rifts will also complete a No Peaking victory. With both wins completed, players will have two of the nine wins required to unlock the Gumshoe title. witch queen Expansion.

where to find all the dark cracks in fate 2

Destiny 2: Where to Find All the Darkness Rift Locations

Visit the following places to find all get dark fate 2, To destroy a crack, shoot the Parasite Grenade Launcher from close enough to kill the Guardian without injuring yourself, then whisper.

  • extraction lost area: Look above the chest to find the Darkness Rift.
  • Sepulcher Lost Sector: Look to the left of the Lost Sector reward chest.
  • metamorphosis lost zone: Activate the byproduct of the worm, then take the elevator to the end of the Lost Sector and look down to find the Darkness Rift.
  • cunning temple: Proceed along the path the Guardians used to escape Cunning’s Temple on Pike during the campaign. Follow the path on the right after passing the swinging chandeliers to find the dark crevice and go right to the edge of a cliff in the pylon. This Darkness Rift can also be completed while repeating this mission witch queen expansion campaign,
  • to the charming screen: Instead of taking the Florescent Canal, take the right side to the charming canal. The Darkness Rift is inside the first building on the enchanting canal path.
  • fluorescent canal: Open the map, and head to the area of ​​the Florescent Canal that heads out in a southeast direction. Behind the small building is the Darkness Rift.
  • court of thorns: Go down the right side of the bridge to the Court of Thorns, then look to the leftmost center while looking at the bridge. Shoot the area to find the Darkness Rift’s “immune” status first, then use the Worm’s byproduct effect to destroy it. Use the image above as a reference point for where to shoot. Might be easier to spot with one of the scopes Weapon fate 2,
  • queen’s belly: The Queen’s Belly is located north of the Florescent Canal, where the Guardians first entered World of Throne and the Lightblade Strike began. Upon entering this area, look to the left of the Thrall statue to find the Darkness Rift.
  • disciple’s promise: Go to the entrance of the Promise of Disciple raid to find the dark crack next to the statue on the far right.
  • Mirror either altar of reflection: in the last room Mirror campaign mission or altar of reflection Search, look to the left to find the last Darkness Rift.

Luck 2. where to find all the shiny kites in

Luck 2.  where to find all the shiny kites in

After finding the Lucent Moth, he needs to turn into the research cave to the right of finch in world of thrones For them to count towards the Rippling Wings season challenge fate 2.

  • swamp:Extraction Go to the Lost Sector, but turn right to go through the tunnel to the Hive. Kill the Hive Wizard to lift the insect barrier in the tunnel.
  • attractive curtain: Follow the path of the charming curtain. After crossing the swinging platform and descending into the next area full of hives, defeat the boss to reveal the next Lucent Moth.
  • attar: Continue from the charming curtain moth to the dispensary. Instead of going inside the castle, head to the left of the overlook to find a deepsight node. Destroy five hive runes to reveal the Lucent Moth.
  • steam: From the Quagmire Landing Zone, travel to Miasma, past disciple’s promise raid Entrance, to find a Lucent moth on a tree branch. Open the map, and go to the tree that is north of the “S” in the Miasma label.
  • Witch’s Echo: Go into the witch’s echo and after reaching the area with disdain go to the teleporter to take you down the hallway to the left. Use the Deepsight node in the next room, then turn left to find the Lucent Moth.
  • wrathful temple: From the previous insect, continue the path that leads deep into the temple of the wrathful. Defeat Captain Takisa where the Scorn Tank would have been, and a barrier will drop to reveal the insect.
  • cunning temple: After grabbing the angry insect’s temple, continue Witch Queen’s Temple of the Sly, The Lucent Moth would be on top of a structure in the room immediately following the narrow tunnel system.
  • fluorescent canal: Access the Florescent Canal Fountain to find the Lucent Moth scurrying around the water on a lilypad-like object.
  • court of thorns: At the beginning of Wellspring: Defense or End Attack of Wellspring, go to the room that is far from Pyramid Splinter. Lucent Moth will be in the hands of a Thrall statue on the left side of the room.
  • altars of reflection: After solving the puzzle and going to the next room, activate the Deepsight node on the correct platform. Afterwards, turn around and climb the newly revealed platforms to find the last Lucent Motho place in fate 2,

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fate 2 Available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Google Stadia.

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