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SeparationThe season one finale of K. K. left viewers on the edge of their seats as Inese confronts the outside world.

After learning how to use overtime contingency, Dylan (Zach Cherry), Haley (Brit Lower), Irving (John Turturro) and Mark (Adam Scott) plans to escape from the Lumon offices and tell the world about the behaviors they are facing as Innis (working version of the Seward People).

However, in the ninth episode, released on April 9, the employees find themselves in difficult situations: Mark is at his sister’s house with his boss, Harmony Kobel, whom his outside neighbor knows as Ms. Selvig (Patricia Arquette, Irving learns that her outty is doing some research herself and Haley is at a Lumon event, where she’s about to talk about the benefits of being Seward.

When they are in the outside world they make fascinating discoveries that are going to shape the trajectory of season two.

For one, Haley learns she’s no ordinary person—she’s actually Helena Egan, granddaughter of Lumone founder Keir Egan. Show Producer and Writer Dan Ericsson Told variety That like Mark, Haley had good reason for going through the severance process: “The purpose of what she’s doing is to show that amputation is good enough for an Egan. It’s not something we just want to do to the unwelcome public.” will do. “

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