How the new Halloween helped change Devon Sawa’s mind about a Final Destination sequel

To the delight of moviegoers, the horror genre has been in a renaissance for many years. And in addition to thrilling new concepts, many beloved franchises have returned to theaters as a result. Chief among them is the new Halloween Movies, and the 2018 Sequel Really Helped Final Destination Actor Devon Sawa probably changed his mind about doing a sequel.

actor Devon Sawa had a long career, more wild projects eg . Starting out as a teenage heartthrob before taking idle hands And Final Destination, his hero Alex was the first character in the long-running franchise to have premiered, but Sawa never appeared in any of the sequels—killed in-universe. But seeing Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween may have changed his mind about returning, as NS casper icon Recently shared:

I would like to go to the final destination again. I always thought the ship was gone, but now that I’ve seen the Halloween movies, I mean, why not just start a sequel from #2, like another [films] Not done.

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