How Taylor Swift Cast Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink in the Short Film All Too Well – E! Online

Taylor Swift Only two people had in mind to act in it all very well Short Film: Dylan O’brien And Sadie Sink,

In Project, ns teen wolf alum and strange things The actress plays love interests in the turmoil. Taylor also appears himself and directs an angry short, which includes a New, 10-minute version of the track of the same name that appears on the re-recorded version of her 2012 album Red, Which was released Friday, November 12, Between One The battle for control over the pop star’s music,

Taylor told E!, “I got their numbers and sent them text messages and I had already worked out a whole treatment and script and, like, scene types of references, which is what I wanted to do.” daily pope About to cast Dylan and Sadie. “I wanted everything to be ready, like, this is my DP, this is what we’re using for set design, this is what we’re using for editing, this is what we’re going for It’s the producer. I wanted them to know all the information so they can make a choice and send them the song.”

speaking at the premiere of all very well On Friday in New York, Taylor continued, “He had the song before anyone else had the song and when he said yes, I was so excited because I didn’t have a backup in mind.”

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