How surfer Sage Eriksson caught feelings for MLB player Daniel Norris – E! online

Rishi Erikson is catching the waves—and the emotions—this summer.

for next week, professional surfer She will compete for her third win at the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, Calif. And while all eyes will be on the 31-year-old as she makes her way to another potential win, some are invested in a romance with her MLB player. Daniel Norris,

“She’s just incredible,” Rishi shared exclusively with E! News from Surf City. “We actually met on Instagram when Instagram suggested three people to follow while you were browsing and he was one of them.”

After Daniels posted a picture of some surfboards, Rishi said he decided to go to his DMs first. A year and a half later and the pair remains each other’s biggest cheerleaders.

“I love him and I love that we’re both athletes and we can understand what we’re going through,” she said. “We understand long distance a lot. We understand wins and losses and ups and downs and stay positive and we’re probably a little bit crazy with our game at the moment trying to adapt and stay put.”

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