How Suicide Squad Represents a New DCEU

of James Gunn suicide squad Represents the beginning of a (kind of) new era of the DCEU. After crashing and burning in an attempt to turn Zack Snyder’s 5-part story into something else entirely, Warner Bros. spent a few years trying to find its way with the DCEU, and James Gunn was a part of that plan. Big part.

The origins of DCEU, as seen by Zack Snyder, had a very distinctive tone and direction, but one that saw a lot of division and controversy, which led to a split between Warner Bros. and Snyder. Justice LeagueProduction of. Snyder has said The WB seemed obsessed with making the movie fun, but the resulting attempt to lighten the tone and add jokes in a re-shoot with Joss Whedon certainly didn’t work out.

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whereas suicide squad Not exactly the foundation of the new shared DC universe, it helps set some of the expectations for what DC Films hopes to do going forward. It looks like there are plans for James Gunn to do more movies, so it’s clear what to expect there, but there are several things. suicide squad DC says about Warner Bros.’s new approach to filmmaking.

Suicide Squad is the debut of a new era of the DCEU

Peacemaker and suicide squad on their mission in the jungle.

whereas DCEU has been in a state of fluxMost of the upcoming movies are not representative of the current Warner Bros. and DC executive teams. The leadership of both WB and DC Films changed hands several times and was also acquired by AT&T, and most of the projects were greenlighted and production began under the previous leadership. aquamanhandjob Shazam!handjob birds of prey, And Wonder Woman 1984 started development before the release of either Justice League Or shortly before Geoff Johns stepped down as DC’s chief creative officer in June 2018. even suicide squad technically started development first Justice League But it has seen so many script overhauls and director changes that the current iteration is a product of the current administration, after Jem Gunn was hired in October 2018 and given almost free rein on the project.

Warner Bros. and DC embroiled in a total reboot, soft reboots, and throwing out continuity altogether during this time, many of the projects that came out maintained a general sense of overall DCEU continuity, though there was no clear throughline for any sort of major crossover, so Very little was set stone. whereas suicide squad also follows a similar pattern, it also pushes the boundaries in some new directions with more “out-there” characters like King Shark, and Staro, and Ratcatcher 2.

How Suicide Squad Represents What The WB Wants From The DCEU

Staro the Conqueror Rampagin around Corto Maltese in The Suicide Squad

One of the most controversial topics in the Zack Snyder era of the DCEU was the use of humor. at one point, there was Rumor That DC Had a Completely “No Joke” Policy, but Snyder has since called one of his biggest feuds with officials Justice League His willingness to inject more fervor and humour was greater than that. Opponents also regularly complained of an overall darker tone and less use of brightly flashy colors.

Almost every DC movie since, except for non-canon Joker, has pushed the colour, tone and humor in that direction, but suicide squad Looks like the product executives were asking with jokes at the end and a giant pink and purple starfish alien as the villain at the end. suicide squad Still very R-rated, but the more lighthearted tone appears to be a big deal for the lead in WB and DC, which James Gunn certainly delivers.

The DCEU Is Still Connected To The Snyderverse, But Don’t Think About It

WB Zack Snyder

Despite being the first film in the “new DCEU”, suicide squad in many ways like associated with what was established during Snyder’s tenure When it comes to consistency. Viola Davis, Joel Kinnaman, Margot Robbie, and Jay Courtney all return as their respective characters from the first film and acknowledge a shared history (though no specifics have been given), and no clear resemblance to the previous films. There is no retaliation. Superman is referenced but not shown, so it could easily be a repetition of Henry Cavill.

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There was a lot of uproar during production about whether the gun is there or not. suicide squad Iyer had a sequel or reboot of 2016 suicide squad, some producers called it a reboot, Gunn insisted that people did not need to see the first film to understand it, and the title acted like a brand new film, like the title of any obvious sequel. abstains from suicide squad 2 (Though WB president Toby Emmerich said it at CinemaCon in 2019.)

To all of The WB’s effort to avoid the obvious link to the first film, suicide squad eventually serving as a loose sequel, It seems that West Bengal does not want to burn past films on the ground, but they also do not want people to think about them again and again. Will be curious to see how this is handled with the release Flash When Ben Affleck and Ezra Miller reprise their roles, that suggests a very strong link to Snyder’s continuity. Given, Flash It’s also ready to dive headfirst into the multiverse, which means the concepts of canon and continuity are very flexible, but it would be hard to ignore the movies entirely. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or any version of Justice League When Batman and The Flash are on screen together, especially when they’re set to continue elements of Snyder’s plan, as Affleck’s Batman offers the Flash his new suit.

DCEU may (finally) give directors some freedom

James Gunn gives Suicide Squad trailer update

Ultimately, most members of the general audience might not even think about it. suicide squad As a new direction for the DCEU, but it may be for the best. The Snyder era of the DCEU never needed to be burned to the ground. In fact, the release of Zack Snyders Justice League It improved the way many people viewed Snyder’s DCEU installments. The biggest difference with the production of suicide squad Just as James Gunn was given the freedom to make his own films from the ground up, many previous directors such as Snyder, Ayer and Kathy Yan did not have the same degree of freedom.

if The future of the DCEU is really driven by the filmmaker, allowing for unique director philosophies and less studio intervention than it all started out as, then things like tone, color and humor can be flexible, allowing creators to tell the story in a way that corresponds to the content. hopefully the biggest takeaway suicide squad, which is one of the highest rated films in the DCEU on Rotten Tomatoes.

of course, since suicide squad Before the pandemic entered production, a lot of other things could have changed. The $185 million budget looks a tad tighter when the post-pandemic box office means it only opens at $26 million domestically; While using the film as a development tool for HBO Max may still pay off, The WB is unlikely to grant a budget of that scale in the near future unless the box office turns massive. .

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