How Sherry Papini’s kidnapping got busted and what happened next – E! online

I! News confirmed on April 22 that Keith has filed for divorce After 12 years of marriage and seeking temporary custody of Tyler, 9, and Violet, 7.

Contacted by E!, Sherry’s attorney did not comment.

“Now that I have learned the truth as reflected in the plea system,” Sherry said, Keith said in a declaration filed in Shasta County Superior Court, and received by Sacramento Bee“I must act decisively to protect my children from the trauma their mother has caused and bring stability and peace to their lives.”

He alleged that Sherri had not seen the children since April 4 and had missed a scheduled visit, and that he was asking for a future visit “which I believe is in his best interest.”

Explaining how difficult Sherry’s disappearance was in itself, complicated by the “turbulence” of the past five-and-a-half years, he said, “We, the kids and I, both need time to recover and stabilize.”

Keith concluded, “I want to make it clear that my goal is to provide a loving, safe, stable environment for Tyler and Violet and I believe the requested orders are in line with that goal and the best interests of the children.” ” He didn’t want to say anything about Sherry’s case would “inflame the situation or attract media attention.”

Finally, he said, “I am asking that the court help me protect my children from the negative effects of defaming their mother.”

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