How Sam Worthington and Wyatt Russell Arrived Under the Banner of Paradise Illustrations – E! online

It goes without saying that playing the role of a convicted murderer is not an easy task.

So under the banner of heaven Stars Sam Worthington And Wyatt Russell When they agreed to play they knew their job was over for them. ron And Dan LaffertyTwo brothers who killed their sister-in-law, brenda lafferty24, and his 15-month-old daughter, Ericain 1984. (Coming from a devout and prominent Mormon family in Utah, the brothers claimed that God ordered them to commit crimes,

Worthington told E! It is reported that he could not understand what would motivate someone to do this. and then he realized by working with the author Dustin Lance Black That “You can’t play in an illusion, but you can play someone who is passionately pursuing something.”

In the series, the Laffertys appear as a normal, loving family, asking the question: “How could this happen in such a pious and devoted community? In such a loving family?” Worthington said. “So the more I got stronger and leaned into a man who would do anything for the love of his kids and the love of his wife, it gave me a touchstone to play certain scenes.”

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