How RHOM’s Julia Lemigova Feels Being the First LGBT Real Housewife Ever Cast – E! Online

She continued, “I can’t wait to show the world that same-sex marriage is just like any other marriage. We will share our joy, fun and our daily lives. I really want to express it to those in need. I want to do it for those who don’t understand it. Love has no gender and I am forever grateful for that real housewives of miami For giving me this opportunity to shed light on our lives.”

Shea & Martina Have a Working Farm in Miami

during season four ROM, fans will see Julia keeping “too busy” on her family farm.

“We have a lot of chickens, ducks, geese, quail, pigeons, cats, parrots, tortoises and two, maybe three, pregnant goats, some donkeys on the way and god knows what else,” she revealed. “I also grow fruits and vegetables there.”

this season on drama

Don’t expect Julia to cause a lot of drama this season (unlike some of her co-stars).

“Actually I’m friendly with all women,” she shared. “Adriana, she is my longtime friend whom I love and adore and I also became close during filming Nicole [Martin] And guerdi [Abraira], But all women are so much fun and have amazing personalities.”

real housewives of miami Premieres tomorrow, December 16 Peacock,

(E! and Peacock are both part of the NBCUniversal family)

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