How Postmates Made Arie Luendik Jr. Realized She Didn’t Want More Kids With Lauren Burnham – E! News Online

“The Bachelor”: Lauren Burnham and Arie Luendik Jr. bring the newborn home

Every man probably has a different understanding about the exact reasons for having a vasectomy, such as Ari Luendik Jr. helping to prove it.

40 years old the Bachelor alum visit Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast, where he said host ben higgins And Ashley Iaconetti that he is planning to have a vasectomy. he and wife Lauren Burnham welcomed Daughter Alessi in 2019, then Twins senna And lux in June.

When asked what prompted the decision not to have more children, Ari shared astonishingly that the plan was cemented during a recent trip to Hawaii, where families now have a button on their phones. Didn’t have the ability to call delivery food with a push of K.

“We were in Hawaii, and it was really challenging because Hawaii doesn’t have postmates,” the race car driver recalled. “They don’t have grocery stores that open late. Basically, it’s like going back 30 years in time.”

He continued, “So it was tough with the twins because there was little help. Like, right now, if I don’t want to cook dinner, I just order Postmates. There, you have to go to a grocery store.” , which, for us, was a 20-minute drive. It was very difficult.”

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