How Parents Trap’s Elaine Hendrix Really Felt About Her 17 Year Age Difference With Dennis Quaid – E! Online

In the words of Nick Parker, “Wow, all of a sudden you’re so interested in math.”

Before the 23rd anniversary of dear disney remake, parental nethandjob Elaine Hendrix—Who portrayed one of our favorite ’90s villains Meredith Blake—Filming Revisited parental net Unlike the 26-year-old as a real life Dennis Quaid. In the film, Denise starred as Nick, a divorced father who was about to tie the knot again, this time with 26-year-old publicist Meredith. If you’ve seen the movie, you know it’s the age difference played by his pre-teen daughter Lindsey lohan, notices quickly.

As life imitated art, the actor was also in his forties when the film came out. by chance in 2020 Denise, then 66, married Laura Savoie, 27.

Despite the nearly two decades between them during the shoot, Elaine told insider He thought they had “tremendous chemistry”. In fact, it did not appear that the significant age difference was an issue. “A common difference between men and women is that boys mature later and girls mature earlier,” she told the website. “So I guess I was 26.”

In the end, she shared, “I think it worked out well.”

And while the character Meredith Everyday wasn’t 26 years old, “how put-together she was and how ambitious she was,” said Elaine, “that I can definitely relate to.”

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