How Margot Robbie Told John Cena About Her “Awkward” Life-Size Cut-Out – E! News Online

For these suicide squad Co-star, Nothing Considered NSFW.

John Cena Happily remembered the moment when the cast mate Margot Robbie turns out she slept next to a Life Size Cardboard Cut-outs Why chest? And no, it’s not what you think.

Was “obsessed” with Robbie’s ex-boyfriend WWE star, as she admitted during the July 21 episode Jimmy Kimmel Livehandjob But let’s say she was a little nervous to tell Cena about this suicide squad Group.

“She didn’t want to tell me,” Cena shared with E! news’ daily pope Reporter Victor Cruz “Then he mustered up the courage to tell me, and it’s a little weird because it was in his bedroom for two and a half years. Certainly Cardboard has shared some intimate moments.”

sew, wear peacemaker dc comic book The character outfit, jokingly said that his “ridiculous” outfit was a no-brainer for the red carpet.

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