How Kris Jenner Really Feels About Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s Extreme PDA – E! Online

Huh kourtney kardashian And Travis Barker The most interesting couple to watch? probably, according to Kris Jenner.

During the appearance of 29 October The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the mother could not say anything about her eldest daughter’s engagement to the Blink 182 rocker. “They’re really made for each other,” she told the host Ellen Degeneres. “They’re the cutest couple. They’re so in love. They tell us constantly.”

Consistently is not an understatement. For anyone living with cravis, you know they love the PDA moment, even in front of family.

“You feel like they’re the only two people in the room,” Chris explained. “We really don’t know what to do with ourselves. I’m looking for a closet to hide and somewhere to go. They’re in that phase and it’s really, really special and I’m so excited.”

As it turns out, before Travis fell on one knee on October 17th, he asked Chris for his permission.

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