How Hulu’s Kardashians Are Repairing Kanye West’s Reputation

Kanye West brought his ex-wife Kim to tears over The Kardashians when he gave her infamous sex tape footage, and it’s making her all the more likable.

between the premieres of kardashians On Hulu, fans are finally seeing a side of Kanye West that is helping to restore his public image. The rapper returns to a life of solitude after the social media attack against the rapper Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend Pete Davidson, Fans were defending Kim against Kanye’s problematic response to their divorce. Kanye is silent after his latest social media attack against Kim and Pete. His post got him banned from Instagram for a day and barred from attending this year’s Grammy Awards.

At the time of the uncertain post, many criticized Kanye, defending Kim’s angry reaction to dating someone new. Fans credit Kim for taking the time before finally dating someone else after filing for divorce in February 2021. but with kardashians Raised at a time when Kim and Kanye were on good terms, fans are starting to see why Kanye was so upset about moving in with Kim Pete.

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But now the new show is telling how good kim and kanye getting along Around that time she started dating Pete and some viewers started to sympathize with the rapper. The new show might really help improve Kanye’s image given his silence and the new material that fans are judging. A recent episode revealed that Kanye shared the last remaining footage of Kim’s infamous sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J. Presents Kim with further footage of her to get on with Kanye. saturday night live Hosting begins. Tears welled up in Kim’s eyes at Kanye’s good deed. However, later that night, she will plant a kiss on Pete in front of Kanye, before everyone knows about their budding romance. Kanye Media Sharing the clip on Twitter, showing how much the KarJenners were appreciative of Kanye’s warm gesture.

Fans point to the irony Kim and Pete’s Subtle Romantic Debut He came while Kanye was working to get his wife back. ,So that he can bring his prankster on TV in front of millions of people.” @AfcLicks Comment on tweet. commentator @kilkaylani Told how Kim said “Kanye did this to my kids… he should have called our kids, Others applauded Kanye for choosing to change his tune and stop bashing Pete after all his initial antics. Kanye spent weeks giving Kim and Pete extra attention on social media because of their frustration at their relationship Things came to a head when Pete approached Kanye to defend Kim.

When Kanye asked Pete about his location, Pete was less shocked by saying that he “in bed with his wife.“Now that this show is telling how hard Kanye worked behind the scenes to win Kimo Back, some have begun to sympathize with him. A change in dynamic could help Kanye when he chooses to return to the spotlight. Hulu’s kardashians The famous is giving critics new material to judge the family. With Kim finally moving on from Kanye to Pete, all eyes are on the new couple.

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