How First Sight’s Brianna Got Married and Vincent Vaughn “The Big Trophy” Long After Decision Day – E! Online

Briana Miles Morales and Vincent Morales Know What You’re Thinking: Did They Actually Sign Up To Get marriage at first sight?

The short answer is yes and the pair have absolutely no regrets.

Back in January, viewers watched as two strangers put their trust in a group of relationship experts. what came next had a wedding Moments after the two met for the first time. Fast-forward to today and they remain madly in love.

Brianna recalled in an exclusive interview with E!, “When I first saw her, I thought her smile was gorgeous and then from there we both had a good cheer.” News. “His family was great and I think if someone’s family is great, it makes him even more attractive … There was attraction at first sight, not just physical.”

Vincent continued, “Right after we met, I realized why we were mailing. Everything was flowing. Everything seemed natural. Nothing was being pushed. We had an amazing time And we were having fun… it got out of there.”

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