How fans feel about Kris Jenner reportedly calling Blac Chyna a ‘ghetto’

Kris Jenner has come under fire amid The Kardashians’ lawsuit against Blac Chyna after she accused Chyna of calling her a “nerd” and “actually ghetto.”

Kris Jenner is in the middle of a fire kardashians‘ Trial Against Blac Chyna After Being Accused of Calling Chyna “Idiot” And “really ghettoAs the trial goes on, many mysteries and allegations are coming to the fore. Details of Chyna’s messy breakup with Rob Kardashian and how her family reportedly handled it continue to surface. Chyna’s lawyers are working hard to convince jurors that the KarJenners plotted against her. The shocking claims in between include details of the racially insensitive comments Kris allegedly made about Chyna.

Four members of the KarJenner family have been named in Chyna’s lawsuit against the family. Chyna accuses Kris and Kylie Jenner and Kim and Khloe Kardashian of planning to get her short show Rob and Chyna Cancelled. The family denies Chyna’s claims, but she doesn’t hold back from chasing millions. Despite maintaining a co-parenting agreement with Rob for their daughter Dream, Chyna has continued to pursue legal action against the Kardashians since she filed a lawsuit in 2017. As the trial continues, reports reveal shocking details of the family’s troubled relationship with Chyna.

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The beginning of the trial dealt with a heated physical dispute between Rob and Chyna in December 2016. Things went so far, Chris’ boyfriend, Corey Gamble, had to put the two away from attacking each other, page six Report. Chyna’s lawyer, Lin Ciani, claims that the day after the domestic dispute, Chris sent an email to E! network and the Bunim/Murray producer, where he allegedly referred to Chyna as “Idiot” And “really ghettoencouraged to “and them”Bi*ch ditch.” Once the shocking allegations hit the press, fans took to social media with reactions. twitter user queen of america Reprimanded Chris for allegedly calling Chyna “ghetto“And noted some of KarJenner’s infamous scandals.”To a daughter a man gave birth to a child, while to another married, one to the head of a crore, and two only to bear children.” He chuckled.

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The critic also cited centuries-old speculation about Khloe’s biological father. Although this is not confirmed if Chris actually called Chyna”ghetto,“Many are already criticizing mom as if they are true.”Ghetto was a placeholder for another word,“Said one user. Another user claimed Chris”She couldn’t say the words she wanted because it would be cancelled.“He also accused the family”theft of black cultureWhile reportedly not wanting black people in his family. It also didn’t take long for fans to resurrect the old ones. keeping up with the Kardashians Clip that shows Khloe herself”N-word lover.”

There’s still more to be revealed about Blac Chyna’s downfall Kardashian. He has a long history with them. Chyna was once a friend of Kim’s and that’s when she started coming around for the first time. Soon, her ex Tyga will leave her to start dating Kylie. A few years ago, Chyna began dating Rob and welcomed a daughter. Now she is dragging her mother and sisters to court to realize what she is owed.

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Source: page six, queen of america/Twitter

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