House of Ashes: How to Save Everyone (The Best Ending Guide)

Players will have to take many important decisions in the House of Ashes. Some of these choices could mean life or death for the characters.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes is the latest title in the series, and there are many options to consider if players want to keep everyone alive. Some of these choices include strengthening relationships between characters, completing or ignoring quick-time events, or even choosing whether to shoot someone. to keep everyone alive till the end of house of ashesThere are many important events where right decision making is required.

In house of ashesPlayers will take control of five unique characters while fighting for survival. The characters, some of whom start out as enemies, will need to work together to survive after being trapped in the ruins of a Sumerian temple. Although house of ashes is foreseen To help players make decisions or avoid dangerous situations, they can be a bit hard to understand. Decisions like what the characters should say to each other can strongly steer the direction of the game.

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to get the best ending in house of ashes, players will need to strengthen their characters’ relationships at every opportunity. Choosing a kind, honest, and optimistic dialogue option will usually be the right way to go. When everyone survives, the players will be rewarded”the golden path“Trophy/Achievement. However, if the player wants to collect all the trophies/achievements, some plays will be required as there are many associated with character death.

How to Save Everyone in the Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

House of Ashes Best Ending

more than 60 unique deaths in house of ashes, it can be difficult to keep the players alive at all. There are some silliness in the game, such as some quick-time events that can fail or decisions that have little effect, but a lot of choices are important in the game. The following decisions must be made to achieve the best end:

  • air support: At the beginning of the story, Eric must choose to receive air support as suggested by Jason for added security. At the end of house of ashesThe air support will help kill the creatures and protect the survivors.
  • Farmer: When the facility is raided, Jason will be given a chance to shoot a farmer by asking him to run. To save Jason from shooting Salim, Jason must not shoot the farmer in this scene. As a result, both Jason and Salim will help each other later in the game.
  • mervin: Merwin, although not playable, needs to keep him alive to allow him to call for air support at the end of the game. Players must take Mervyn with them and thwart Nick’s QTE when Jason is giving Mervyn morphine. The safe route will then need to be taken when Morphine comes in and the three of them escape from the monsters.
  • rope: In house of ashesWhen Dar chases Rachel and Eric, Eric will need to choose whether to hold on to the rope or cut it while letting Rachel fall. If he continues, both characters will fall and Eric will die, but if he cuts the rope, only Rachel falls. She will survive the landing, and Eric will proceed safely.
  • Salim’s QTE: When Salim runs away from the monster, the QTE must be completed successfully. With this Salim will come to know about the weakness of the creature in the sunlight.
  • medical kit: When Nick hears Joey crying, send Jason to keep an eye on Merwin, then bring Eric in to look for Joey. After finding a large pool of blood, there is a split along the way, and players have to walk deep to the left to find the medical kit. Doing so will allow the players to heal Salim before entering the vault and he will be able to save Nick in return.
  • Nick and Salim: When Salim explains information about the monster to Nick, it is important that the player choose the helpful dialogue option. This will strengthen the relationship between the characters.
  • sneak by monsterSimilar to : saving everyone a little hope, players will need to be successful in multiple QTEs house of ashes. Upon going through the plan to leave the creature behind, there will be a QTE that needs to be executed successfully, or the player will be caught.

  • claris: Clarice will meet with Rachel at one point and eventually admit that the creatures have planted a parasite in her, so she will turn into one of them. Players must choose to be emotionally supportive until asked about the drug, where Rachel must be honest and tell Clarice that she is not looking well. Rachel must release Clarice so she can’t kill Eric later. She will eventually reappear as a monster where a QTE program needs to be successfully completed in order to save both Eric and Rachel.
  • Part: When Jason and Nick enter the chamber from the game’s prologue, Jason will be able to grab a stake from a corpse to the right of the entrance. Later, he can use the stake to defend himself against Joy.
  • Machine Gun: When given the opportunity, Rachel must choose to stay with Jason and shoot the machine gun. A successful QTE will result in enough time for the rest of the team to escape, and they will miss the location of the mines in the stampede. Alternatively, the players themselves can remember where the mines are, but it is much easier to do this automatically.
  • crucifix: When Balathu approaches Nick in the attack, players must choose the crucifix, not the rifle, to face him.
  • Salim’s shot: Salim will have the opportunity to shoot the monster who follows him during the attack or the one who attacks Rachel. To keep Rachel alive, Salim must shoot the creature that follows him.
  • Saving Eric: Like its predecessor, man of fieldhandjob house of ashes requires that its characters often defend each other rather than themselves. Rachel can choose to save Eric or retreat during the attack. He must save Eric in order to keep him alive, or he won’t make it to the end.
  • white phosphorus: In desperation, Rachel raises her knife to reduce white phosphorus, but players must wait for choice and do nothing so she can survive.
  • going back to salim: While running as Jason, players must choose to return for Salim after calling for help on the radio. The pair will save each other during the QTE event and both will survive the scene. If the players didn’t go back for Salim, he would die.
  • last stand: In the final mission of the game, even if all other correct decisions are made, players can still lose their characters. Each person will have a QTE sequence, and failing it will result in the death of that character. Complete each sequence successfully, and everyone will survive until the end of the game.

like other games The Dark Pictures Anthology series, such as man of field, there are many alternatives that have dire consequences. house of ashes Featuring a variety of dangerous scenes where players will need to react quickly to save their characters. Completing the game with each character alive will be unlocked”the golden path“Trophy/achievement. Using foreshadowing and relationship strengthening, players can plan ahead to make decisions that will save everyone house of ashes.

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The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes Available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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