Helen Mirren and Fred Armisen have just teased a “Funny as Hell” documentary! Season 4 – E! online

Oh, Helen Mirren‘s jokes.

in the teaser Documentary Now!The upcoming fourth season of, premiering in October on AMC and IFC, features the famed Academy Award-winning actress—and Documentary Now! Host – teases what’s to come.

“I am Helen Mirren. I am pleased to announce the return of Documentary Now! for its 53rd season,” she says. “Now, more than ever, the world needs Documentary Now!,

series—from the makers Fred Armiesena, Bill Hader, Seth Meyers And Rice Thomas—this, of course, is entering its fourth season, not its 53rd. But hey, who’s counting?

The teaser ends with Armisen smiling, “Funny as hell,” which we would choose to interpret as an announcement of the glee that awaits.

Documentary Now!Which mocks prestige documentaries with each episode on a different fictional theme, season four is welcoming another Oscar winner into the mix. Cate Blanchett will appear together succession And ted lasso Star Harriet Walter In an episode titled “Two Hairdressers in Bagliport”.

The episode, which according to AMC, is “a comedic take on documentaries”. 3 Salon on the Beach And September issue.” Walter will play a salon owner, with Blanchett playing his employee as they prepare for their annual look-book.

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